Pakistani Parliament has been exposed

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan The speeches of few members of the senate and the national assembly in the joint session has exposed the parliament system and the national parliamentarians of Pakistan.... Read more »

Defining Movements in Pakistani Politics

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan Today, the People of Pakistan are on the crossroad and the world is watching them which way they proved themselves – A Divided People or a United... Read more »

Christians, Hindus say Taliban treated them with relative tolerance

BANNU: Christians and Hindus who fled from a military offensive against militants in North Waziristan say the Taliban treated them with relative tolerance, contrary to the militants’ brutal reputation. Some 2,000 people... Read more »

Letting Farzana die

BY YASMEEN AFTAB ALI Farzana did not die on 27th May, 2014, as claimed, for marrying a man of her choice and allegedly being stoned to death outside the Lahore High Court by her... Read more »


By Zahaib Nabeel Unlike his cricketing career his political career was not smooth – To begin with, he lost his 1st election terribly. However, in the era of Former President of Pakistan... Read more »

Repeal and implications

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali One of the first steps BJP is doing after Modi’s swearing in ceremony (if you ignore telling off given to PM Nawaz that India expected steps by the... Read more »

India needs Pakistan as the enemy if it is to stay together

By: Yasmeen Aftab Ali BJP is in with a landslide victory of 283 seats. It is the first time in nearly 30 years that any party has swept in with such an... Read more »


By Zahaib Nabeel Growing up in cantonments of Pakistan I have learned one thing in my life; that is being patriotic. The atmosphere and surroundings always have an effect on person and... Read more »

”Islamic Republic of Pakistan” renamed as “People’s Republic of Pakistan”

By Shah A Siddiqui: It is a shame for Pakistanis to keep the name of the country  on the ground of “Islam” and also apron string the ‘Islamic’ with the country’s name.... Read more »

Reforms to Deliver Lower Electricity Prices for NSW Households

By NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell  This week the NSW Liberals and Nationals Government announced the removal of retail price regulation from the state’s electricity market, meaning greater competition and lower electricity prices... Read more »

Afghanistan elections and Pakistan

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali The question deals less with which candidate wins the presidential race and more with the legitimacy and acceptance of the election results by the multiethnic population of Afghanistan.... Read more »

U.S Nuclear Agency, Hailed Record as Fukushima Melted

by Bill Dedman: In the tense days after a powerful earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan on March 11, 2011, staff at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission... Read more »

Chronology of the Ukrainian Coup

by RENEE PARSONS Listening to the US media, even the most diligent news junkie would find it difficult to know that the U.S. State Department played not only a vital role in... Read more »

Bitter Realities, Lecture By Mr. Altaf Hussain

After the creation of Pakistan, the policies framed by the powers-that-be to run the country were formulated while keeping in view the circumstances of those times only and, unfortunately, no care was... Read more »

On Track to Open More Stops on Sydney’s Light Rail Network

By NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell  Final testing is underway on the Inner West Light Rail Extension as we get on with the massive job of building desperately needed public transport infrastructure across... Read more »

Hamlet’s governance?

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali Those having read Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ would have been sorely reminded of him in the past few months. For those who have not read it; here’s a brief run-down.... Read more »

Did the CIA Give Birth to The TTP at ‘Penny Lane’?

By Zaki Khalid On November 25, The Associated Press released a news report which strengthens the beliefs held by many security analyts, that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan or ‘TTP’ for short, a terrorist organization... Read more »

Are Taliban the only enemy of Pakistan?

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan Taliban are the production of the joint venture of Pakistan and United States during the 10 years of fighting against the invasion of the Soviet Union in... Read more »

Americans rising up against government

Three examples of pushback against the ruling class. by: Glenn Harlan Reynolds America’s ruling class has been experiencing more pushback than usual lately. It just might be a harbinger of things to come. First, in response... Read more »

Opal Card Now Available In Western Sydney

By NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell One of the world’s most innovative electronic ticketing systems is now available in Western Sydney, as the Opal card continues to be rolled out across Sydney’s public... Read more »

Winning Glory For Pakistan

By Rehan Shakeel Understandably Pakistani community lacks with initiatives in organizing healthy and productive activities which can integrate the members of the community for their existence . Only few successful events can... Read more »

Graduate Nurses and Midwives Start Work in NSW Hospitals

By NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell  Nurses and midwives are at the very heart of our health system and, as a society, we rely on them to deliver the highest standards of care... Read more »

Entities conspiring to deny peace in Sri Lanka

By Shenali D Waduge Throughout 30 years bombs, suicide missions, assassinations, mass murder of civilians visibly took place for all the world to see. These atrocities carried out by the LTTE was... Read more »

Multicultural March

Sarwat Hassan, Journalist, Tribune International (Australia) Multicultural March has been a great initiative by the NSW government to promote multicultural events in NSW. The credit goes to the Premier of NSW, Mr.... Read more »