Tribune International is an Australian-based first Multicultural Ethnic and National News Media, introduced in August 1997. The Online Tribune International is the first Australian-based online multicultural English Newspaper, started in 1998, that covers international, national and ethnic communities’ news, views and issues.

Tribune International is independently run by a group of well-known international journalists, media analysts, writers and educationists.

Tribune International is not associated to any political or religious party or group and has its neutral and independent editorial policy.

Tribune International organises political forums, educational seminars and community events in Australia.

Tribune International Team

Editor in Chief: Syed Atiq ul Hassan; Email:

Managing Editor: Sarwat Hassan; Email:

Resident Editor (Asia): Sana Jamal; Email:

Bureau Chief (South Asia): Akhtar Jamal; Email:

For letter to the editor and submission of news, articles etc send on email:

For urgent news contact:  1 300 786 124 (within Australia); From outside Australia: +61 412881597

Postal Address: P. O. Box: A1113, Sydney South NSW 1235 Australia