Why the World missed the Oil price crash

On Feb. 1, 2011, oil prices rose above $100 a barrel. For the next three years, they largely stayed there, with few of the dramatic ups and downs that oil markets are... Read more »

Taliban indoctrinates kids with American-produced jihadist textbooks

By Ishaan Tharoor — After the United States helped chase out the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001, it came across a legacy of its earlier intervention in the region. As The... Read more »

Frightening reality that haunts the Middle East

According to the Global Terrorism Index of the Institute for Economics and Peace, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks and the US spending of $4.4 trillion on the forever war and all-consuming... Read more »

Ups and downs of Oil prices

Oil remains the world’s most critical commodity. It has fuelled the industrial age. For over a century, oil politics has been almost synonymous with geopolitics; the cause of numerous wars and revolutions. Read more »

SAARC can succeed only if it loses its obsession with India-Pakistan affairs

Expectations from the South Asia Association for Regional Co-operation summit are always high even though some analysts and observers will tell you that this regional forum has repeatedly failed to bring the... Read more »

USA and China: Where do they stand?

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali APEC Summit, Asia Pivot and US midterm elections Republicans have swept in with 52 seats in the Senate. For the first time since 2006 they have a majority... Read more »

Is there a Method in Imran Khan’s Obduracy?

By Saeed Qureshi Imran Khan, the Chairman of PTI has vowed to remain in the fray (Dharna) even if he is left alone. He disdainfully castigates the other political leaders and accuses... Read more »

Some Hard Facts about Muslim Islamism

By Shenali D Waduge If Muslim Islamism has been created as a geopolitical agenda why are Muslims willing participants There are a few burning issues that the global community is having to... Read more »

Multiculturalism has failed – Countries are getting back to majority rule

By Shenali D Waduge  The nations that are attempting to divide nation of Africa, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe into micro states to create new governments that would be unable to run if... Read more »

Mid-Term U.S. Elections: A Huge Setback for Democratic Party

By Saeed Qureshi – – The midterm elections in the United States conducted on June 4, have placed the Republicans as the majority party in the Senate. The Republicans also were leading... Read more »

ISIS and the Internet

By Mr. Graham Ashton, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner The internet – the most defining technological accomplishment of the past half century, perhaps. A powerful force for good – online information flow has changed... Read more »

Art of Letter Writing dying … Thanks to Technology

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali In the soft sunlight of winters, sunning in the back verandah, one could hear the sharp sound of the cycle bell and the doorbell that sounded as the... Read more »

Dreams of my grandfather: Celebrating the life of Professor Ghulam Azam

By Abu Aisha On Saturday 1st Muharram 1436 (Oct 25th 2014), hundreds of thousands of well-wishers converged on the streets of Dhaka to bid farewell to one of the most recognizable faces... Read more »

Changing face of South Asia – The nexus between America and India

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali ‘The United States, which once considered Pakistan a ‘corner stone’ of its foreign policy seems to have shifted the balance towards India. There are speculations that US may... Read more »

Noam Chomsky Blasts United States for Supporting Israel

As U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announces plans to set up an investigation into the attacks on United Nations facilities during Israel’s recent assault on the Gaza Strip, world-renowned political dissident Noam Chomsky recently spoke... Read more »

The passing of the Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC

A Message from the Director, Whitlam Institute — While Gough Whitlam will be remembered well beyond today, the days ahead will be particularly special times for remembering and  for sharing stories. They will... Read more »

Indo-US encirclement Plans

by Asif Haroon Raja This US agenda for Pakistan prepared by the neo-cons after 9/11 was similar to that applied throughout the broader Middle East Central Asian region. US strategy, supported by... Read more »

Are you funding the ISIS?

Who is behind it?   Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article titled, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?”, and quoted by... Read more »

In Egypt, an authoritarian regime holds sway again

By Ahdaf Soueif Nine thirty pm in Cairo and sounds of intermittent explosions come through the living-room window. Most people can identify them, but I can’t – yet. They might be gunfire,... Read more »

Turkey’s Boomerang War in Syria

by Burak Bekdil (The Gatestone Institute) At the end of 1998, Turkey threatened to take military action against President Hafez al-Assad’s regime in Syria unless Damascus immediately stopped harboring Abdullah Ocalan, leader... Read more »

Outlining history of Poonch

Knowing the roots of the dispute By Yasmeen Aftab Ali (USA) A friend on Twitter posted on my timeline the following question: ‘Why 110km long border (Poonch Sector) in Kashmir is getting... Read more »

Delivering wrong message about Australian Muslims

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan More than half a million Muslims live in Australia. They add to the richness of Australia’s multicultural society and contribute to the health of the Australian economy.... Read more »

Pakistan: Emerging democracy or hall of shame

By: Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. The nation’s capital is under siege for over two weeks. People want political change and justice to their grievances that is nowhere to be seen.  The demonstrators... Read more »

Democratic outlook of Pakistan

By: Stephen Bari India and Pakistan are traditional rivals since 67 years ago, in the last six and half decades, whatsoever they achieve and lost in history have words? India develops a... Read more »