An Open Letter to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Dear Mr. Asif Ali Zardari Sahab.

The reported death (due to the non availability of food and medicines) of more than 120 kids, in the draught stricken Tharparkar area of Sindh province, is an unpardonable crime, committed by the negligent officials of the PPP government in Sindh.

Now, the CM Sindh government, has transferred and suspended some officials, for dereliction of their duties, in this sad saga of poor and hapless residents of Tharparkar, which is absolutely an insufficient punishment, compared with the magnitude of their crimes.

As such, before the divine justice takes its course, necessary orders may be issued for registration of cases and arresting the responsible officials, who failed to stop this absolutely avoidable tragedy.
Best regards.

Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

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