Pakistani Hazara Community Protests in Sydney

Sydney (Tribune Report, Feb 20, 2013): Pakistani Hazara Community gathered today at the business centre of Sydney, in front of Pakistani Consulate Office, and recorded their protest against the on-going killing of the Hazara and Shia community in Pakistan particularly in Quetta.

The protest was organized by the local Pakistani Hazara Community group; however, prominent representatives of the local human rights organizations, community groups, MQM Australia and others attended the demonstration. People mostly members of the Hazara Community particularly, youth, women and elders travelling from far distances attended the protest in order to record their voice against the barbaric killing of innocent Hazara and Shia people in Pakistan. Organizers, local activists and community representatives including Shams ul Abbas, Shaikh Idress ul Hassan, Shaukat Arbab, Alizahda and Najeba Wazefadost from Hazara Community; Alex Paglilaro from Amnesty International; Nick Riemera from Australian Refugee; Kamran Qadri from MQM Australia and  Syed Atiq ul Hassan of Tribune International & Voice of Tribune spoke to this large gathering. They loudly condemned the terrorist attacks on Hazara and Shia people and called it ferocious and brutal act of terror. The speakers commonly held the rulings powers of Pakistan particularly in Balochistan responsible for failing to provide safety and security to the Hazara and Shia community.

The speakers said that only within 40 days this was the second massacre of Hazara community in Quetta. They said that it is a shame that the law enforcement agencies of Quetta not only failed to control but could not find the criminals.

It is to be noted that this was the 2nd large protest from the Hazara Community in Sydney since the last bomb blast in Quetta where 84 people were killed and the protest was staged on 14th of January at the same place.

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