Bitter Realities, Lecture By Mr. Altaf Hussain

After the creation of Pakistan, the policies framed by the powers-that-be to run the country were formulated while keeping in view the circumstances of those times only and, unfortunately, no care was taken of the future of the country. It was not taken into account that what effects those policies will have on the future of the country. Our rulers have always formulated policies to secure their temporary and vested interests; and those policies always benefited other countries and other powers of the world. Today the plethora of serious crises the country is facing, and the vulnerable stage it has reached, is the outcome of the past policies. The most serious thing is that we are still making decisions which will benefit others only. The same element is playing an active role in formation of our economic policies.

We are coming to know various odd things even today, but we cannot say anything with certainty as we have no proofs in this regard. Anyways, we all are making efforts to find out the reality. The government has its own viewpoint on bringing dollar to 98 rupees. And if it has done it all through fair play and through new economic realities, which brought down dollar all the way from 111 to 98 rupees, then it must be termed a great success of the government, and it should be felicitated over it. However, some critics say that fall of dollar to 98 rupees is a dividend of Syria, an outcome of situation in that country, a result of any bargain in this regard. That means Pakistan has been given one-and-a-half billion dollars as donation for providing war equipment, along with mercenaries, to the Syrian rebels on the request of Saudi Arabia. Now you call it dividend, a gift, profit, donation or give it any such other word. That means the Nawaz Sharif government has reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia that Pakistan would provide arms, vehicles, ammunition, mercenaries and technicians for the Syrian rebels, who are continuing insurgency there, and in exchange for it, will be provided dividend or donation. Critics say that Saudi Arabia has told Pakistan the one-and-a-half billion dollarsprovided by it would be a gift and Pakistan will get additional money for everything it will provide for Syrian warfare strategy. Under the same agreement, Pakistan has been provided $1.5 billion, that helped Pakistani rupee win appreciation against dollar.

Everybody must know it clearly that we are experiencing till today the fallout from our policy of joining in others’ war in Afghanistan in the past, and are compensating that mistake with our precious human lives even today. And if we would repeat that mistake by sending our armed forces, arms and warfare equipment to Syria, it would inflict such irreparable losses on the country and the nation that God forbid, Pakistan might not be able to pay for that mistake even till the Dooms Day. You don’t go into technicalities; fact of the matter is that if your country is a responsible state or not, if it follows any rule, law, any principles or regulations. Or, sorry to say, is it working only as a rent-a-car, that anybody hires it, pays rent for it and takes it to any place. Are our armed forces defenders of our country, or are they available to all and sundry, who can hire them whenever they want and take them to wherever they want, and we even don’t feel the need to know that who’s hiring us and for what purpose. Are we here only to serve others purposes, no matter we like them or not? We must remember that if the armed forces of any country become mercenary forces, the rulers become tools in the hands of others, then those nations become characterless. Then such countries become worse than Somalia. You may put blame on your opponents through verbosity, but fact of the matter is that you are bigger crooks than your opponents; because they are committing robberies in their own country, while you are allowing other countries to loot your country.

Unfortunately, we adopted the policy of creating groups to fight proxy wars, soon after creation of Pakistan. We did not deliberated on it that you may form a group of 100 goons and use them against others for some time, but end of the day the same group would become a monster for you. That’s why all countries raise their own regular armies, whose sole responsibility is to protect their countries against any internal and external threats. They will also get pension after their retirement from service. On the other hand, if you form a group of 100 people and use them as mercenaries for one year, five years or 10 years, then they will become aged, some of them would get married, they would bear children, and their expenses will grow. Then if you tell them that there is no more work, your services are terminated, you just go away and find some work for you, it will be really difficult for them. They would have become older, they are unable to do any other work, they will either join hands and make a group or they will hire more people to form their own groups; they will make their own mercenary groups. In the beginning they swore in one person’s name who hires them that they will always remain faithful to him. They go on some special mission and when they spend five years there, their living style becomes quite different from others. And when you will try to bring them back to normal life, it will be very hard for them to live a normal life. This is a strange joke that we have failed to steer our country out of crises and are meddling in others’ affairs.

We don’t know what skill and policy should be used to tackle the local militants; sometime we talk about operation against Taliban, then think of talks with them. While making groups, we forget that when we are done with those groups after getting the purpose served they were made for, what will be their fate then. What will be the modus operandi for talks with them and how to tackle them if they go violent after sudden suspension of contacts with them? Whenever you will have to talk to them to whom you will talk? Then you will say that group is more powerful, let us talk to it.

As you have started talks with TTP but, on the one side, TTP has declared ceasefire, and on the other side they also continue their terrorist activities. Since the day they declared ceasefire they have continued their activities of suicide attacks, bomb blasts and abduction of people. Even then they attacked on a court in Islamabad and murdered a judge and a lawyer.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan continued terrorist activities and in a sharp way denied responsibility and said none of their groups was involved in the terrorist activities. Meanwhile, another group namely Ahrarul Hind has come to the forefront which is taking the responsibility for the terrorist activities. Everybody is saying, “What is Ahrarul Hind? We have heard this name for the first time.” Even a seasoned leader Maulana Samiul Haq’s statement is on the record, in which he pointed out that he has heard the name of Ahrarul Hind for the first time.

The teams formed by both the government and the TTP to take the dialogue process forward have expressed surprise on the emergence of an organisation named Ahrarul Hindi. When everyone is surprised to see this group emerge, the question is: where has this group originated from? On the one hand, there is a ceasefire but attacks are going on the way they were being carried out by the TTP. It proves that once proxies are started it is not just difficult to control them, it is rather almost impossible to check them. You thought it was possible to establish peace through dialogue with the greatest troublemakers i.e., TTP, but despite the dialogue process with the TPP, where is peace?

Now the situation is that no one except the MQM condemns these terrorist activities. The excuse given for not condemning the activities is that it would disturb the dialogue process. It was justified to hold dialogue with Taliban as long as we assumed that they were the greatest force, which could stop terrorist activities whenever they wanted to, but now that despite dialogue with the TTP, terrorist activities are going on, it shows that there are bigger forces operating here than the Taliban. Now that we have started dialogue with Taliban for peace, it is high time we start talks with the bigger and more forceful groups as well, which are carrying on terrorist activities and seem to be beyond control of anyone. The question is: where will all this end? Where and with whom you will have to hold dialogue?

As early as possible we should find solution to this problem. There would be fewer losses, but if we delay it, there would be more losses and with the passage of time so many groups of Taliban would emerge and their quantity would increase and like that their talks would continue till Dooms Day. Now dollar’s worth has been made equal to Pak Rs 98 with the help of artificial technique, it would also affect Pakistan. Finance Minister says that those who are helping the country in this tough time don’t name them. Leave it, just leave it. People do not know that how Rs111 dollar came at Rs98. It is just like that several investment companies were made in the era of General Ziaul Haq. One company was made under the name of Alliance Motors in Karachi. They showed their etiquette like Islami that no one was allowed to wear pent shirt for work in that organisation. From this organisation, it was announced to give Rs3,000 profit on Rs100,000 for people. People, inspired from this, started depositing money, some deposited Rs1,000,000, some Rs1,500,000, some deposited all money of gratuity, some deposited all money of his life. People were advised not to invest money but they did not agree. The country’s famous publisher of Holy Quran Taj Company also announced giving profit on one investment. Innocent people presumed Holy Quran publishes in this company, how that company can commit a fraud with the people. Now who can make them know, somebody told Alliance Motors’ owners offer Tahajjud.

They are religious people having affiliation with Allah and his Prophet (PBUH). They do not get interest on profit. Highly educated people, bankers and banking experts know all the business methods that in which bank the money should be deposited and how, and from where how much benefit would be achieved and how. They also have gone mad in greed. Hence despite knowing the maximum percentage on profit in the business, they also invested their amounts in these business companies. It is truth that greed is a curse. The victims of greed suffered so much fraud that there was no such fraud in the country. The people embezzling billions and trillions of rupees are still in the country and thousands of people have been deprived of the savings of their lives due to this fraud. Of them, a lot of people have died after losing all their belongings. It has a lesson that how many ways the people are deceived.

It is said that the judiciary should be respected, quite true. The judiciary should be respected by all, but which judiciary? The judiciary providing equal justice to all and it should not do that one dacoit, out of two, be punished while another dacoit be released and reprieved despite witnesses and proof? The judiciary following different scales for justice. The judiciary considering people belonging to a group accused and culprits and declaring its favourite people reprievable; and the judiciary not looking at the big looters who looted the national wealth? Are the big dacoits declared reprievable wearing a Sulemani (magical) cap that the biggest crime with proof and witnesses becomes reprievable for them? Has the country reached on the verge of this destruction in a day or a year? The way the country is functioning or being functioned, it is being run and it will be run like that. Is it patriotisms that the country is looted with different names and jobs for personal gains and for our families and for making properties in the country and abroad? The country is being bankrupt and becoming rich and rich. The fact is hard and bitter, but it is true and truth is always bitter. The bad governance of Pakistan should be corrected by the hands of such a man who should be harsh. Such man who don’t have any room to forgive corrupt, wrong and dishonest man. Who should be merciless, but pro-justice and hold accountability of people from bottom to top with merciless. There is no concession for anyone no matter how much he is influential. The country could not be corrected unless cruel and merciless accountability is against corrupt people from top to bottom. In our country the name of democracy is used, action is taken against democracy. If you think looters, corrupt, usurpers, thieves and dacoits would reform the country, it a gross mistake and means we are deceiving ourselves. Those who don’t loot the country, they could correct the country. Those who looted national money should be given three to six months to give their accountability honestly from the beginning of their rule to the end and do not commit any dishonesty and every thing will clear. In the light of this accountability, they should be punished by time unless they are punished for their crimes. When every defaulter is given punishment and no one is given leniency, you see no will murder or commit theft and dacoity. After this people should be reformed mentally and socially and give them training for becoming good citizens. When majority of people become good and educated and begin to know what is good or wrong, then there should be given leniency in rules and laws. Like this a democratic society will develop and the wheel of happy life will begin to run.

The cancer of corruption in Pakistan should be eliminated and this old corruption should be cured and for this a bitter pill will have to be taken. It is our collective and national illness that we don’t speak the truth. We for our gains want to depend and live on lies. We live in mud and try to avoid mud and try to clean our dress from mud. We for saving our life follow and wear the dress of compromises. We fear to speak the truth and like this we deceive ourselves and forget that fear could not be removed by hiding face in sand. So, if we want to change our collective lot, change the state of the country and want to change national status, we will have to be free from the hedges of collective of lies and will have to speak the truth. Truth is bitter but it will have to be taken like a bitter medicine. Without it, neither the patient will be saved nor will the aliment be cured. God enables us to speak the truth and hold individual and collective accountability. Amen. Source The News

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