Norway still atop with 10 gold in Sochi Winter Olympics-2014

SOCHI: Only two days of competition remain in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the race to the top of the gold-medal standings is closer than ever.

The latest medal count has Norway still atop the standings with 10 gold medals, but Russia, Canada and the United States are not far behind with nine. Germany and its eight golds is in fifth place, while Switzerland and the Netherlands follow with six.

Ten events are left in the final two days of these Games. The U.S. looks to have a decent chance to finish with the most medals overall as they currently are in the lead with 27. When it’s all said and done though, the country with the most gold medals will be the “true winner” of these Olympics.

So how do the U.S.’ chances look?

To be frank, it doesn’t look good for Team USA. Most of the remaining events have never really been the strong suits of the U.S., and according to Odds Shark, no American is the favorite to win his or her event.

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