HFE 2015 is a great addition to our Multicultural Events; Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Sydney (Press Release HFE 2015); Syed Atiq ul Hassan has thanked all sponsors, exhibitors,HFE_Logo community organisations, community leaders, local councillors, parliamentarians and supporters for their encouraging support for Halal Food Expo (HFE) 2015. The response is remarkable and this event is going to be another addition to our multicultural events of New South Wales.

Mr. Hassan has reiterated that Halal Food Expo (HFE) 2015 is completely a family-event open for everyone and the aim of the event is to make awareness and significance of halal food, products & services in our multicultural society.

Mr. Hassan has said that the organisers of HFE 2015, CREF Incorporated, is a non-profit community organisation which is an independent organisation, not a part of any religious or political party or group neither a Halal certification body. The goal of CREF Incorporated is to organise different multicultural events of the interest of the people and promote friendship, harmony and understanding between people of different backgrounds. He has reminded the people that CREF events have received community awards like event of the year award in the past and carrying high respect & acknowledgement from the people of different backgrounds as CREF events are open for everyone. The Director of CREF events has received NSW Premier’s Harmony Award 2014 for his outstanding contributions to the multicultural communities of New South Wales, indiscriminately. The organisers will continue to serve our multicultural people by organising family events of awareness, understanding, friendship and harmony like this new addition of Halal Food Expo.

Mr. Hassan has condemned those uncommon elements who are trying to misguide people on social media with baseless statements about the event for their vested interest, however, at the same time thanks to all those hundreds of people who have appreciated, on social media our efforts and hard work in promoting various colours and characteristics of our multicultural society.

Mr. Hassan promised to the people of New South Wales that the organisers are bringing exciting activities in the HFE 2015 for the interest of everyone, therefore, continue to visit HFE website www.halalfoodexhibition.com and its Facebook page and promote this great event being held on Sunday 12 April 2015, from 10am to 8pm at Fairfield Showground.

In relation to media coverage of HFE 2015, the letter of accreditation for journalist & media groups has been opened now, the interested media associates should visit www.halalfoodexhibition.com media section and fill-in an online accreditation form. The last date to lodge accreditation form is March 20, 2015.

For any further inquiry please contact Sarwat Hassan, Event & Media Manager, HFE 2015 on 0412 292 320, email: event@halalfoodexhibition.com .

Sarwat Hassan,

Event & Media Manager

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