Chinese New Year cultural spectacular for “Middle Heaven”

Sydney (Tribune International): The 2013 Chinese New Year begins this Saturday in a two-week cultural spectacular at Brisbane’s Chung

Tian Temple.

Chinese New Year 2013

The Temple whose traditional name Chung Tian means “Middle Heaven” commences celebrations at 6:00pm. Throughout the night activities include a Food and Fun Fair, display of Tai Chi, traditional Lion Dancing, Candle Light Offering, cultural performances and ringing of the Blessing Bell at midnight to resonate peace throughout the world and good fortune for all over the upcoming year.

Known as the as the Chinese Lantern Festival, the two week Chinese New Year period is enriched by thousands of years of cultural heritage. In recognition of the cultural significance of these festivities the Chung Tian Temple is also holding a Cultural Open Day on Sunday February 17.

Chinese Lantern Festival schedule of events:

Feb 09 Saturday (Chinese New Year Eve) 6:00pm – Food and Fun Fair

– Lion Dance, Kids’ Activities, Calligraphy, Cultural Performances, Art Exhibition, Tai Chi

8:30pm – Light Offering Blessing Service (Mandarin)

11:00pm – Morning Chanting (Mandarin)

Midnight – Ringing of the Blessing Bell

Feb 10 Sunday 10:00am – 12noon – Homage to Thousand Buddha Service (Mandarin)

Feb 16 Saturday 10:00am – 12noon – Homage to Thousand Buddha Service (Mandarin)

Feb 17 Sunday 9:00am – 3:30pm – Cultural Open Day

– Lion Dance, Kung Fu Display, Movies, Tai Chi,

Calligraphy, Chinese Tea Ceremony, Arts & Crafts

Art Exhibition, Vegetarian Cooking Display,

Meditation & Buddhist talks

11:00am – Multi-Faith Ceremony

2:00pm – Baby Blessing Ceremony

Feb 23 Saturday 10:30am – 12noon – Light Offering Service and

Completion of the Lantern Festival (Mandarin)

Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Founding Master of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order in sharing his New Year message for all in this Year of the Snake, reminds all that “unwavering advancement despite life’s twists and turns leads to the attainment of happiness and wisdom.”

Reflecting on this message from the Founding Master, Abbess of the Chung Tian Temple, Venerable

Chueh-Shan, states: “over the past 21 years the Chung Tian Temple is a place where visitors find peace and where multicultural diversity and multi-faiths are welcomed and accepted”.

Activities during the Chinese Lantern Festival are part of the ongoing educational and cultural contribution the Buddhists at Chung Tian make to the community.

Entry: Free

Location: Chung Tian Temple

1034 Underwood Road, Priestdale QLD 4127



Phone: (07) 3841-3511

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