Official: 2 children killed in northern Gaza strike

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Two children were killed and more than 12 people injured as two houses were bombed in northern Gaza early Sunday, a Gaza official said. The casualties were evacuated... Read more »

Family rescued from rubble of Gaza home

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — When Israeli warplanes pulverized the home of a Hamas leader in Gaza at dawn on Saturday, onlookers could not imagine that any of his family would survive. Witnesses... Read more »

Turkish PM praises Egypt for recalling envoy from Israel

CAIRO — Turkey’s prime minister, an outspoken of critic of Israel, praised Egypt’s Islamist president, Muhammad Mursi, on Saturday for recalling his ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to Israeli attacks on... Read more »

Telling the Truth : UN failed 20 million Sri Lankans not the ghost estimates

Exactly what is the UN’s game plan in continuously subjecting Sri Lanka to the wave of harassment it has been subject to increasing as a result of eliminating a terrorist organization when... Read more »

Bangladesh detains Myanmar Rohingya refugees

Police in southeastern Bangladesh have detained five Rohingya Muslims who fled deadly communal clashes in neighboring Myanmar, an officer said on Sunday. Mohammad Ismail, a police chief of Satkania in the district... Read more »

Israel authorizes more reservists after rockets target cities

(Reuters) – Israeli aircraft pounded Hamas government buildings in Gaza on Saturday, including the building housing the prime minister’s office, after Israel’s Cabinet authorized the mobilization of up to 75,000 reservists, preparing... Read more »


The millionaire software genius behind the McAfee antivirus programs is wanted for murder in Belize — this according to reports. According to, Belize police claim John McAfee is the prime suspect in the... Read more »

Pakistani soldier Muhammed Hussain is executed for murder

A Pakistani soldier sentenced to death four years ago has become the first man to be executed in the country for almost four years, officials say. Muhammed Hussain was condemned in 2008... Read more »

Pakistan frees Taliban prisoners

ISLAMABAD – The four-day crucial talks between chief peace negotiator of Afghanistan Salahuddin Rabbani and Pakistani officials concluded on Wednesday with Pakistan’s releasing of a group of Taliban prisoners to push forward... Read more »

China and India booms over

The catch-up boom in China, India, Brazil is largely over and will be followed by a drastic slowdown during the next decade, according to a grim report by America’s top forecasting body.... Read more »

Twenty US states file petitions to withdraw USA

Washington: Over the last few days, 20 states have filed petitions to secede with the White House to ask that their state withdraws from the union of the United States and create... Read more »

Canada wants a peaceful resolution of Kashmir

Toronto ( November 12, 2012): Ottawa takes the issue of a peaceful resolution to the dispute in Kashmir seriously and continues to monitor the situation there, says Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John... Read more »

Eyes on America

THE result of the American presidential election on November 6th could determine the shape of Israel’s election in January. A win for the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, may make Binyamin Netanyahu, his old... Read more »

CIA chief Petraeus resigns over affair

WASHINGTON: CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday over an extramarital affair, bringing an abrupt end to a brilliant career that saw him serve as military commander in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.... Read more »

Infrastructure to Support Asian Growth

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The International Air Transport Association (IATA) urged Asia-Pacific aviation leaders to focus on airport and air traffic management infrastructure as the region’s demand for connectivity continues to grow. “Aviation... Read more »