Winning Glory For Pakistan

By Rehan Shakeel

Understandably Pakistani community lacks with initiatives in organizing healthy and productive activities which can integrate the members of the community for their existence . Only few successful events can be seen organised by political wings of Pakistani political parties which doesn’t address the whole community & audience is limited to a group of like minded people.

Organizers of the successful event ‘Chand Raat Eid Festival’ have set a great example and has shown path to the other members of the Pakistani community of Australia. The event has created a loud message to everyone that how we can play our role to show our existence in Multicultural Australia. There have been few significant efforts made by individuals which are acknowledge able .

Evidently Pakistani community have been sidelined compare to other communities in Australia.

The story here is not much different as what is happening in Pakistan. We’re divided on politics and ethnicity. We are much settled in our life & successful in our professional career but lacking unity & support to each other. Unfortunately we shy to admire each other’s efforts in betterment of our community & are busy in point scoring & prefer personal interests over arousal of masses.

We need to support each other, particularly, to newcomers and students . Those who are well settled should help others & led them towards better & successful life. Every individual has unique talents, skills, cultural heritage, experiences,, and values. Because of those qualities, each person tends to learn different things from the experience of getting involved in community issues. While it is important for each one to contribute, it is equally important to recognize, appreciate, and utilize his or her strengths. This will enable participants to see the ways in which their participation is helpful and important.

Events similar to Chand Raat Eid Festival can be in greater interest of community, ideally there should be one organisation representing all Pakistanis irrespective of their ethnicity, language, race & professions. We need to volunteer ourselves to address & to provide remedy towards common issues faced by our community. Few of us are watching  2nd or even 3rd  of our generation perishing here in Australia. Besides teaching them moral values & providing them quality education it is our core responsibility to influence them playing a positive & vital role to serve human beings in general irrespective of their religion, age, race & nationality. This is what our religion teaches us. Our next generation should know who they are and what are their geological roots. In this manner we can portrait positive image of Pakistan in Australia . Living a selfish life won’t be in any one’s favor any more.

There’s a need to take initiatives & make practical endeavors rather than just gossips. We need to play a productive role in society in community if we are willing to get recognition as civilized community living in Australia. Each of us should participate & should help each other without any discrimination. If an initiative taken by Syed Atiq ul Hassan could win the glory for Pakistani Community we all can contribute with same zeal & passion to deliver something return to this multicultural society we live in. It’s very easy to criticize but too hard is to perform outstandingly .

Organizing massive BBQs, lunch & dinner parties in lavish restaurants, cricket matches & chin-wagging events won’t do much to facilitate the community & to proclaim the name of Pakistan. It’s the time to make a difference & leaving behind the personal interests & benefits.

The rule of success is simple,stop complaining and lets start taking interest in those activities which would be for entire Pakistani community not for section of the Pakistani community on the basis of Province, Sect, Political group or language.


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About the Author: Tribune