Ukraine: Malcolm Fraser is right, Tony Abbott is deadly wrong; Craig Isherwood

“If the world is not blown up in the thermonuclear World War III towards which it is now plunging, historians may well accord no small measure of credit for that to the courage of our former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser,” CEC leader Craig Isherwood emphasised today.

Former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser

“Perhaps alone among present or former ‘Western’ heads of state, Malcolm Fraser in his 3 March 2014 article in The Guardian has clearly identified the actual cause of the present crisis in Ukraine: that despite promises accorded to former Soviet Prime Minister Gorbachev, since the fall of the Soviet Union Western powers have relentlessly, aggressively expanded NATO to the east, including building an anti-ballistic missile system on Russia’s very borders, and that the Ukraine crisis is merely one more step in that strategic design. ‘America said that this [the ABM system] was aimed at Iran. Russia would not have believed that,’ Mr. Fraser said, referring to the transparent Anglo-American attempt to create a first strike capability against Russia by knocking out any Russian second strike, a reality admitted even by honest U.S. strategists.

“In concluding his account of the Ukraine crisis, Mr. Fraser pointed to another pillar of present Anglo-American strategy: ‘The U.S. has embarked on what many regard as a foolish and dangerous policy in the western pacific, a policy of containment of China,’ he warned. Combined, this relentless encirclement of both Russia and China has put the world on a very short fuse to World War III.

“In addition, and again perhaps uniquely among world leaders,” Isherwood continued, “Mr. Fraser has also pointed to the ugly reality that the Maidan events were no upsurge of ‘liberal democracy’ as the world’s major media and Western governments have almost universally portrayed it, but were dominated by ‘pro-fascist, pro-nazi, anti-Jew’ elements, those centred in the pro-Nazi Svoboda party, which now holds 5 of the 15 cabinet posts of the present Ukrainian government. Russia knows that, and she knows that all Western powers know it, because they provided support for those neo-Nazis. So what conclusion is Russia supposed to draw?”, Isherwood asked.

“Now,” Isherwood continued, “compare that strategic reality, which is escalating almost by the hour, to what Tony Abbott has done, like a 10-year old boy playing with matches among petrol cans in a closed shed in the backyard. He cancelled a visit to Australia by Russian President Putin’s chief national security advisor, and puffed out his chest to inform Parliament that he had called in Russia’s Ambassador to Australia ‘to be told in no uncertain terms of what Australia thinks about this aggression against an independent country.’ Russia’s ambassador to Australia Vladimir Morozov rightfully replied to Abbott, that Kiev’s new leaders are dominated by ‘ultra-Nazis … in an anti-Russian hysterical trance.’

“In fact,” said Isherwood, “among other sources now breaking the international Goebbels-style media coverage of events in Ukraine, Mr. Fraser’s and Ambassador Morozov’s evaluations were buttressed by a six-minute video aired on the BBC over the weekend, which reported that a hard-core neo-Nazi element had played a key role in the overthrow of the Yanukovych government and is now wielding significant power in the new regime. The BBC commentator reported that while there were others involved in the Maidan protests, the hard-core right-wing was by far the most organised, the most violent, and, ultimately, the most influential force on the scene. It is in fact the armed wing of the Svoboda party, the direct descendants of Hitler’s Ukrainian allies under Stepan Bandera who systematically killed hundreds of thousands of Poles and Jews in the early 1940s when the Nazis invaded Ukraine. Svoboda still today carries the black and red flag of Bandera, while its members display swastikas and signs and buttons that simply read ‘8-8’, for the eighth letter of the alphabet, ‘h’ for ‘Heil Hitler’. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre has ranked Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok as number five in its list of top ten international anti-Semites, a man notorious for his racist tirades against ‘the Moskali’ (Russians) and ‘the Jews’.

“That BBC broadcast concluded by noting that when popular support for the Maidan insurgency had faded, it was the neo-Nazi groups tied to Svoboda which stepped in to attack the police and escalate the situation. Svoboda’s several cabinet posts in the new government, the BBC noted, included that of Minister of Defense.”

“This is the great ‘democratic government’ the Western powers are now defending. Again, what conclusion is Russia supposed to draw from that, a Russia which lost 28 million of its people fighting the Nazis in World War II? The reality is, as we have demonstrated repeatedly in recent issues of our New Citizen newspaper, when World War III breaks out, by virtue of our ever-deepening involvement with Anglo-American plans against Russia and China, Australia is beyond any doubt going to be hit with Russian thermonuclear missiles, and probably Chinese ones as well.”

Therefore, said Isherwood, “Listen to the wise words of Malcolm Fraser as reported in The Guardian: ‘There will be no way out of this, unless the history and the west’s past mistakes are understood by those who are trying to grapple with the present, intractable, difficult and extraordinarily dangerous problem’.”

“I would add one thing to Mr. Fraser’s advice. The driver for the present Anglo-American showdown with Russia, and also China, is that the trans-Atlantic system is on the verge of a financial crash far worse than that of 2008. The London/Wall St.-centred Western oligarchy is desperate to conquer and loot the Eurasian powers before it itself disintegrates in a financial holocaust of its own making. The only way out of this looming holocaust is to immediately implement a Glass-Steagall law, to write off some $1.4 quadrillion in speculative assets and return to a system of directing credit to physically productive agriculture and industry. That would benefit all nations—as sovereign nations—including the U.S., the U.K., the nations of the EU, and ourselves in Australia. It’s either that, or kiss your kids good-bye.”

Concluded Isherwood, “Interestingly, it was also then-PM Malcolm Fraser who rejected the late 1970s/early 1980s Campbell Committee report for deregulation of Australia’s financial system. As implemented under Hawke and Keating beginning in 1983, that report integrated Australia into the present speculative, globalist financial system whose death throes are now plunging us ever closer to a global thermonuclear holocaust.”

Call Tony Abbott and demand to know why he is painting a bull’s eye on Australia in a thermonuclear World War III:

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