Execs at Facebook, Google, Apple, and Other Tech Giants Sign Letter Opposing Trump's Immigration Order

Google, Facebook, Apple and others draft joint letter opposing Trump’s travel ban

Execs at Facebook, Google, Apple, and Other Tech Giants Sign LetterOpposing Trump’s Immigration Order More than 30 CEOs of biggest tech companies—including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Uber—have signed onto a letter... Read more »

About two-thirds of the world’s patent applications come from 3 countries

Global innovation has become a three-horse race. Three countries—the US, Japan and China—accounted for over 60% of patent applications in 2014, according to a report released by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) today. The... Read more »

Could Windows 10 be a winner for Microsoft?

By David Tuffley, Griffith University The hype around the next generation of Windows reached a new high this week with the Windows 10 Preview, held at Microsoft’s Redmond HQ in the US.... Read more »

Microsoft hires Robot Security Guards

Rise of the Robots Five-foot-tall, 300-pound shiny white robots are now patrolling in front of Building 1 on Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. Designed and manufactured by robotics company Knightscope, the presence of... Read more »

Bill Gates on track to own no Microsoft stock in four years

SEATTLE: Bill Gates, the former chief executive and chairman of Microsoft Corp, will have no direct ownership in the company he co-founded by mid-2018 if he keeps up his recent share sales.... Read more »