NSW to become a greener, healthier State

The Greener Places policy aims to create a healthier, more livable and sustainable urban environment The NSW Government will create a greener Sydney and State to improve the health, economy, environment, infrastructure and biodiversity for all... Read more »

Australia to witness snowiest week of the year after warmest winter on record

Snow storm to hit Victoria and Australia’s east coast. Snow forecast in Melbourne Australia has just experienced its hottest winter on record, yet the snow season is showing no signs of slowing... Read more »
Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia

$1.8 billion announced to protect NSW’s environment and heritage

The NSW Government has committed $1.8 billion in this year’s budget to protect the state’s environment and heritage, Environment and Heritage Minister Gabrielle Upton announced today. “The NSW Government’s priority is to... Read more »
France to bans all plastic dishware starting in 2020

France to ban all plastic dishware starting in 2020

France becomes the first country to ban plastic plates and cutlery PARIS — France has become the first country in the world to ban plastic plates, cups and utensils, passing a law... Read more »
Man-made climate warming has been around for 180 years

Man-made climate warming has been around for 180 years

Human-made climate change started twice as long ago as we thought Man-made climate change began 180 years ago – much earlier than previously assumed, according to a new study by an international... Read more »
Before and after photos of coral reef bleaching on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Credit: Catlin Global Reef Record

2,500 scientists urge Australia to protect the Great Barrier Reef

More than 2,000 coral reef scientists have urged Australian government to protect the Great Barrier Reef and to stop endorsing the export of coal More than 2,500 marine scientists and policy experts... Read more »

Norway adopts world’s first zero deforestation policy

Norway announced a zero deforestation policy in its procurement of goods, two years after making a pledge with Germany and Britain to ‘promote national commitments that encourage deforestation free supply chains.’ Norway... Read more »
World Environment Day 2016 - Go wild for life

World Environment Day 2016: UN urges action against illegal wildlife trade

World Environment Day 2016 is bringing attention to the illegal trade in wildlife. Greater public awareness, public engagement, and public mobilization will be required, according to the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) “in... Read more »

World’s first illegal fishing treaty comes into force on Environment Day 2016

Treaty is now legally binding for 29 countries including Australia, Chile, Cuba, the European Union, Iceland, Mauritius, Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan and the United States of... Read more »
Australian Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham posted a video of himself lighting Queensland's Condamine River on fire. He blames a nearby fracking site. (Photo courtesy: Jeremy Buckingham)

Australian MP sets river on fire to protest over local gas mining

Australian MP is blaming seeping methane from a nearby fracking site for making it possible for him to set Queensland’s Condamine River on fire. In an act of protest against coal seam fracking,... Read more »
How smartphones can help monitor and prevent illegal deforestation

How smartphones can help monitor and prevent illegal deforestation

Deforestation in Cameroon has increased fourfold from 2006 to 2014, but the spread of cheap smartphones can be used to turn this tide Edward Mitchard (Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh)... Read more »

February 2016 smashes global temperature record, says NASA

The global temperature in February smashed monthly records to become the warmest month in more than a century, according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) report. Global surface temperatures across land... Read more »
Antarctica is gaining Ice but that doesn't mean Global Warming is over

Antarctica is gaining Ice but that doesn’t mean Global Warming is over

A new study by NASA published in the Journal of Glaciology by a team led by NASA researcher Jay Zwally produces a surprising and controversial new estimate of large mass gains. Zwally’s team has... Read more »
China,France agree on climate compliance checks

France and China agree checks on emissions-cutting compliance

China and France have agreed to include compliance checks in the international climate change agreement that will be negotiated in Paris in December. French President Francois Hollande who is in China to... Read more »
Artist Yadegar Asisi stunning Great Barrier Reef panoramic art installation at the Panometer in Germany. (Photo: Yadegar Asisi)

Panoramic artwork of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef mesmerizes visitors

Artist creates stunning, immersive 360-degree art installation of Great Barrier Reef By Michael d’Estries (Mother Nature Network) Artist Yadegar Asisi, famous for his use of panoramic video and art, has brought the beauty... Read more »
Australia is one of the world's biggest coal producers

Australia approves controversial India-backed coal mine despite environmental concerns

Australia’s government has given its approval on Thursday for one of the world’s biggest coal mines to be built by India’s Adani Mining in Queensland despite environmentalists’ fears that the project threatens the... Read more »
Sweden aims to become the first fossil fuel-free country in the world

Sweden aims to become the first fossil fuel-free country in the world

“Sweden will become one of the first fossil-free welfare states in the world,” Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven announced in a speech to the UN General Assembly. “When European regulations do... Read more »
The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 2nd Annual Saint-Tropez Gala

Leonardo DiCaprio raises $40M for environment at charity gala

Leonardo DiCaprio raised over $40 million to help save the planet at an auction in Saint-Tropez, France, on Wednesday night. The second annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation fundraising gala included a live auction... Read more »

Sydney Water proposes to slash up to $100 from household bills

Households will save up to $100 on their water bill each year under a proposal from Sydney Water. Sydney Water’s pricing proposal to slash household and business bills for four years from... Read more »

Benefits of Trees – Closer you live to trees, the better off you are

By James Hamblin John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman stomped through the Midwestern winter snow with bare feet. His cloak was a lightly modified coffee sack with holes for his head and arms that—all... Read more »

Students celebrate Environment Day at Adelaide Botanic Gardens today

MORE than 2500 school students will “take a closer look” at nature and celebrate World Environment Day at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens today (Friday June 5). The huge event features 35 interactive... Read more »