‘It is also an opportunity for Non-Muslims to learn more about Ramadan’ says Victor Dominello

Message from Victor Dominello for Ramadan 2014

Hon Victor Dominello
Hon Victor Dominello

I am delighted to extend my best wishes to all Australian Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan.

NSW is a proudly multicultural and multi-faith society in which the right of all individuals to practise their religion is respected and valued.

The religious obligations of Ramadan can be particularly demanding, but I know they are undertaken with a sense of honour and fulfilment.

Fasting and reflecting from dawn until sunset during Ramadan is a key pillar of Islamic worship. During Ramadan, Muslims seek to renew and deepen their faith.

It is a time to focus on fostering spiritual development, peace and charity – not just for a month, but for a lifetime. These are the values which underpin the positive contributions that Australian Muslims have made to our rich multicultural society.

It is also an opportunity for Non-Muslims to learn more about Ramadan and its importance to the Islamic faith.

Those who have attended an Iftar dinner or an Eid celebration can attest to the warmth and generosity of the Muslim community as they share these important traditions with family, friends and neighbours from all walks of life.

I wish all Muslims living in NSW a peaceful and happy Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak.

The Hon Victor Dominello MP

Minister for Citizenship and Communities

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