Harmony Day 2013

The Minister for Citizenship and Communities Victor Dominello invites everyone in NSW to celebrate Harmony Day 2013 – a day of cultural respect for every person in the state.

Hon Victor Dominello addressing to the ethnic media at the launch of Multicultural March media conference

“This is a day to be thankful for our diverse community, the unity that we enjoy and, more importantly, the fact we can live in harmony,” Mr Dominello said.

“March 21, which also coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is an opportunity to celebrate who and what we are, as a multicultural nation.

“The NSW Government is developing community harmony through building understanding and appreciation of our differences because what we have in common transcends race, ethnicity and religion.

“To help build that understanding and to draw attention to the benefits we derive from multiculturalism the NSW Government has declared this whole month Multicultural March.

“We should be proud that in a state where close to half the population was born overseas, or is the child of someone who migrated here, we live in peace.”

As part of Multicultural March the second annual Premier’s Harmony Dinner, on 10 April, will bring together about 700 people to celebrate diversity and unity.

Chair of the Community Relations Commission of NSW, Stepan Kerkyasharian, joined the Minister in sending Harmony Day greetings.

“The Community Relations Commission works throughout the year to promote and safeguard community harmony. So it’s good to have a day when we can celebrate the success of our work with the people of NSW,” Mr Kerkyasharian said.

“The harmonious nature of our society is a significant success story that stands high above the disharmony we hear about in the news each day from around the globe.

“The praise for this success goes to our whole population because we accept and welcome people who have made huge sacrifices to leave their homelands and their families to migrate here and contribute to our cultural and economic success.”

For more information about tickets to the Premier’s Harmony Dinner and details about Harmony Day events go to www.multiculturalnsw.com.au

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