‘Education for life’

Education for life…’, this is the mission statement of Unique International College which has successfully been providing technical and academic education to international and local students for the 7 years. Amerjit Khela

Unique International College, located in the inner western suburb of Granville (Sydney), was established in 2007 by Mr. Amarjit Khela who himself came to Australia in mid 1990s as a student. Mr. Khela went through the phases of enormous hardship like many international students. He learnt from his experiences as a student and made his mission to open an international college where he would take care students on those areas beside quality education which are ignored by other institutions. Mr. Khela’s dream came true, he established a Vocational College with less than 20 students in 2007. In the last 7 years over 7000 students graduated from his Unique International College. Understandably over 20 percent of students of Unique International College settled in Australia and are now providing services to the society in various professions and businesses. Mr. Amarjit Khela is the perfect example of the claim by migrant communities that they have played the key role in the development of Australia.

Unique International College (UIC) offers Certificate IV, Diploma and Advance Diploma Courses in Business Management, Management and Hair Dressing. In addition, UIC also offers variety of certificate courses like First Aid, RCG and RSA. Majority of UIC students are from South Asian countries and local citizens. The details of UIC services can found www.uniquecollege.com.au .

The people like Mr. Khela are the real contributors of Australia as they have created skilled workers and professionals for the country. Working 7 days, day & night, Mr. Khela has a mission to establish tertiary level state of the art educational institute in Sydney and also in his native land of Punjab of India. His Unique International College has received many awards and acknowledgements from the government, non-profits and community organisations including being the finalist in Local Business Awards 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Mr. Khela understands and feels the hardship of migrants’ community. He pays value to the culture, traditions of the ethnic communities. That is why he indiscriminately supports and actively takes part in the social, cultural and religious events through donations. He voluntarily offers his resources (venue) for community gatherings, meetings and functions. He has been sponsoring Vision Australia, supporting kids in Indian subcontinent for the last many years. He regular supports Dunamise Orphans origination in Sydney which supports homeless children in South India. He has been sponsoring first ever Punjabi Indian TV show since its launch in 2006.

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