Two Muslim cattle traders hanged to death in eastern India

Extremist Hindu vigilantes have allegedly hanged two Muslim cattle traders in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. The killing of cows is forbidden in the Hindu religion, as opposed to Islam. In... Read more »
Bangladesh considering to abandon Islam as state religion

Bangladesh considering to abandon Islam as state religion

After a recent spate of killings of members of religious minorities by Islamic extremists, the supreme court of Bangladesh has begun hearing arguments challenging Islam’s privileged status as official state religion Bangladesh... Read more »

Can Religion be separated from State?

In the Context of Australian Former Prime Minister Recent article on Islam By Syed Atiq ul Hassan: [Many states’ affairs related to the social, cultural and educational activities are defined by the... Read more »
Paris' famed Notre Dame Cathedral was in lockdown after terrorist attacks across the city killed more than 100 people. EPA/Ian Langsdon

Paris attacks: why Islam and Christianity are twin religions of war and peace

By Philip Almond, The University of Queensland — Questions are being raised as to the role of religion in deadly attacks in Paris that killed more than 100 people. Specifically, is Islam a religion... Read more »

Hajj 2015: the precarious balance between pilgrimage and consumerism

By Ian Reader The tragic news that more than 700 people have been killed in a crush during one of the Hajj’s ritual events, the stoning of a pillar representing the devil at... Read more »

Where do Ram and Allah Live?

By Ram Puniyani Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it a point to keep visiting temples when visiting other countries. His visit to Dhakeshwari Mandir and Ramkrishna Math in Bangla Desh were... Read more »

Can Modi fix India’s multifaceted problems?

India suffers from a host of endemic problems including galloping population, high rate of corruption, poor socio-civic infrastructure, grinding poverty, woeful health conditions, burgeoning crimes like rape, dowry deaths, and flurry of... Read more »