Pakistani Community Development Seminar to be held on 6 Oct

‘Our Collective Responsibilities in the Community’

کمیونٹی میں ہماری اجتماعی ذمہ داریاں

Date: Sunday, 6 October 2013;     Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm;      Entry: FREE

Registration Ends: 01-10-2013 – Registration is must – Seats: 30

Venue: Strathfield Main Library, 65-67 Rochester St Homebush (Sydney) NSW 


Pakistani Community in Australia is still going through a development process. There are community organisations & groups who are working in the community but their deliverables are limited to social engagements, dinner parties and non-productive functions on national days. The Community lacks impressive leadership and effective team-work in order to build a strong community organisation that can proudly lead the Pakistani Community earning respect and recognition from the multicultural Australia, at the same time, maintaining its culture, traditions, family values and awareness of our historical values.

It has been observed that the common members of the community are continuously losing interest in community organisations and find these organisations as a waste of time, and then prefer to spend time with their family-friends, relatives and professional colleagues. The risk in this attitude is that, over the period of time, our next generation will make their own-culture and social network, and that will lead to the end of our first identity. It has happened to many migrants who became history today and living in history books now.

For example the Afghans, Pushtoon, Baloch, Sindhi, came in 18th Century and become untold history today – Read ‘Australia For Pakistanis’ by Syed Atiq ul Hassan.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the values of those basic human attributes which are necessary to transfer from one generation to another. This cannot be possible without having a clear and collective vision and understanding on those factors.


  1. Role of a Community Organisation
  2. Responsibilities of First Migrants in the Community
  3. Differentiate between Productive and Non-Productive Activities of Community Organisation
  4. Role of Language, Culture and Relationships in the Community Development Process
  5. Choosing Right People for the Right Job
  6. How Family Values Play a Role in the Community Build-up
  7. What is a Productive Community Event?

 Who should attend?

  • Community Members who wish to play important role in the community
  • Community Members who are holding or intending to hold leadership role in the community
  • Community Members who want to understand the role of family-values, culture, language, and traditions in the community development
  • The Youth who want to understand issues of the first migrants and how they can create bridges with them

Host: Syed Atiq ul Hassan is a certified life coach, educationist, speaker, international journalist, multicultural events organiser and a community leader. In 2002, he wrote, ‘Australia For Pakistanis’. He is a founding figure of mega multicultural event of Chand Raat Eid Festival. His profile can be seen on 

Speakers: Please send a brief profile with contact details by 30/09/2013

Registration: Please send your contact details on . The attendees will be given time to raise their issues, concerns & questions which will be addressed by the host.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Organiser & the Host;

Email: ; Mobile: 0412881597n 0412881597

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