”Islamic Republic of Pakistan” renamed as “People’s Republic of Pakistan”

By Shah A Siddiqui:

It is a shame for Pakistanis to keep the name of the country  on the ground of “Islam” and also apron string the ‘Islamic’ with the country’s name. Simple “Pakistan” or  “People’s Republic of Pakistan” is very appropriate according to the ongoing pity situation of the country. Is there any logic to keep the name “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” and humiliate the religion.  In that respect there are several Muslim countries in the world who could be  better Muslims than us and better governance are being carried out, but they are not using the religion with their country’s name. There are 57 countries in the world who are Muslims by the Muslim population, but they did not choose the string of Islam with their country’s name. What went amiss with the leaders of Pakistan that they are humiliating the Islam since last 67 years in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Are the leaders performing their responsibilities according to the constitution of Pakistan and Islamic Shariah? Our nation had been adjudged the most corrupt state in the list of 97 countries and stands at 7th ranking, should we proud for being a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Each and every political leader of this state is corrupt, except a few.  Ripping off the country’s economy, looting the wealth and filling their suitcases with money out of the pocket of poor countrymen. Is this Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where the Imam masjid rapes the innocent young girls and boys in their ‘hujras’ and ‘madrasas’ where the poor parents sends  their children to get an Islamic education. This is Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where the Baloch leader and a member of the parliament support the killing of seven women by burying them alive. Should we proud to be a citizen of the ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan, where Muslims of different faction slaughtering each other every day in the name of Islam. Is that Islamic Republic, where the minorities have no freedom to live their live according to Islamic teachings and their churches, temples are being put on fire and their houses are being burnt. Same with Ahmadi minority, facing the persecution and being killed by their fellow Muslim citizen. Does Islam permits you to celebrate cultural shows and musical evenings when the one part of the country suffering from drought and people are dying due to hunger, unavailability of clean water  and health care? So far, more than 250 people died, including 70 children in a village Thar in Sindh province. Hazrat Umar was not sleeping at night time and he uses to travel around the city to recover out if any inhabitant is sleeping without taking his meal. Pity on those leaders who claims to be a Muslim and posses a high seat in the society but acting anti Islamic way. The Parliamentarian amended the constitution and made article 62 & 63 workable, but the leaders made fun of its own rules and trashed these articles during general election held in 2013.

Did the father of the nation Hazrat Quaide Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah ever mentioned in his speeches during his struggle to achieve a country for Indian Muslims to be an Islamic country? Never. He was interested to take a separate sovereign  state  on the basis of two nation theory, but he clearly referred in his addresses and writings that the country Pakistan will also be a land for those non-Muslims who desire to dwell with serenity and self-respect. Quaid e Azam had clearly outlined his vision of Pakistan in an address to the Constituent Assembly, delivered on 11 August 1947.He spoke of an inclusive and impartial government, religious freedom, rule of law and equality for all. Where are the Pakistani Muslims now, are they respecting the vision of their Father of the Nation. How this nation can respect Quaide e Azam’s vision when they have no self respect and have no respect, even as a Muslim, for the teaching of the Quran and the Sunnah.

Is that Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where the mausoleum of their Father of the Nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah had been changed into  an  hourly rented  “Prostitution room” by the local management and when it was brought out by a local TV anchor, no action was taken against those culprits. Where the morality stands of these Pakistani citizens of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”

The Pakistani nation is trying to pose as a fundamental, principled and honest Muslims, where they go to the mosque five times a day for prayers and  every day a new mosque being built at the corner of each mohallah but the heart and minds of those Muslims are being more polluted with  sins, where 3 months baby girl  is not being spared to rape and 9 month baby boy get arrested in a murder incident , Is it not an insanity of a corrupt Muslim society.?

There are hundred of thousands of reasons to condemn the use of Islam for the country. Just look around the world and see the Muslims, who are the citizen of their country like Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and many more, as I said there are about 57 Muslim countries in the world but only one crazy Muslim country we can see in the globe whose terminology towards Islam is just opposite. These 57 states are not labeling Islam to prove that they are Muslims, but ‘Alhamdu Lillah’ the people and the government are better than us and they are in the airstream of the development according to the advanced universe. We take in examples of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE and Brunei.

Bribery, kidnapping for ransom, robbery and killing  in broad daylight in front of law enforcement agencies is very common. Our government has failed to control the law and order in the country. Talibans are spreading every where in the country and killing people but the security forces are paralysed.

These countries I have mentioned are Muslim nations, but there is one more country in the world who is not a Muslim country and their formation is founded on freedom  of all forms, it is the United States of America, thousand times better than any so-called Islamic state. In the USA I can go to mosque without fear of bombing, with freedom of religious activities, freedom of speech and above all the Masses are most humble and kind. The people of Pakistan and the leaders of Pakistan always curses to the USA but they are also dying for coming to enjoy the freedom and clean water, clean food and welfare society and education. USA is not a Muslim nation, but its organic law and government are tolerant and always their heart is receptive to take anybody from any religion or country, Every religion is free to perform his rituals and worships in the USA. Can a Pakistani citizen feel free to do all these, if he is not a Muslim  and even if one is Muslim by different faith will face hardship and persecution to perform his rituals. Sunnis will kill to Shia, Barelvi will kill to Deobandi. In the United States everyone is free to perform his religious ritual and festivities and this is what Islam teaches us. This country is more Islamic than Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the most sacred place in the world. In KSA not a single person can overstay beyond his visa regardless of your religious affiliation, but in America one can enter legally, illegally, the person just got in a shelter and get all facilities what a human being needs, from food to health care and education. Is this gesture, not more than Islamic countries. So it is not necessary to keep a ‘dum Challah’ of Islam with the name of Pakistan.

70 percent leaders does not pay the tax, they steal electricity, they steal gas, they steal water for their luxury castles and their mills and factories. The poor honest citizen suffers for their bad deeds. The leaders take Millions of rupees as a loan and later they get waived their loans, is this the teaching of Islam?.  I will not hesitate to blame the general public also, who are not pious or chaste either. The responsibility goes to the common men also. They are not taking any interest to uplift their life style and control the corruption in the society. I know In Karachi and Lahore and many other big cities, people steal electricity by a hook from the main line and they steal gas also. Most of the restaurant owners steals gas and water by bribing the City officials.

The country should be free like it was early 70’s before the corrupt Kath Mullahs hijacked the country in the name of Islam and running their notorious business and ripping of the country. Before Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto’s era, Islam was not alive in Pakistan or people were not allowed to go to mosque in that free society? There use to be celebration of Miladun Nabi and Majalise Aza, and Procession of 10th Muharram, everywhere without any fear. Muslims, Christians, Ahmadis, Hindus all were living in peace and in an environment of brotherhood. Every Muslim has his own responsibility for his good deed ad bad deed, if he goes to the bar to drink alcohol or he goes to the night club to enjoy his evening, he himself is answerable to God. Still, when Talibanization is going on in Pakistan, there is alcohol, female prostitution, male prostitution, Qahba Khana everything is running but underground which is open to everyone. When the Talibanization is on the top, in Pakistan the “Male Prostitution “ is equally growing with the Islamization. There are hundreds of stories in the media that Talibans are using and molesting young, handsome boys during their training as a suicide bomber. Where the Islam is?

The responsibility goes to the Pakistani citizens who are posing like an extreme Muslim and the other side they are more dirty from inside. Being a Muslim they are feeding their own citizens  the dead meat of donkeys, dogs, horse and dead chickens beside their regular 5 time prayers.

The system will not be cleaned until the people get himself clean, and honest. The country needs to clean and reforms the system in Police department and Judicial and bring them to justice, specially  the Judges like Choudhry Iftikhar, should not be spared to live a free  lavish life in the bullet proof car provided by the government. He was the Chief Justice of Pakistan and was a most corrupt Judge in the judicial history. If the Judge and police are corrupt in the society,  you cannot bring welfare in the nation.

It is, therefore, my humble request to the corrupt leaders of Pakistan to stop insulting and humiliating ‘Islam’ and change the name of the land and keep it simple “Pakistan” or “People’s Republic of Pakistan”. A bunch of states in the universe has changed their state names in the past years and I am certain it will not harm Islam or Muslims, but at least by our characters and behaviors the name of ‘Islam’ will be relieved to be insulted or humiliated.

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