Entities conspiring to deny peace in Sri Lanka

By Shenali D Waduge

Throughout 30 years bombs, suicide missions, assassinations, mass murder of civilians visibly took place for all the world to see. These atrocities carried out by the LTTE was viewed globally. None of the entities now calling for war crimes against Sri Lanka demanded the same against the LTTE. LTTE was after all declared an international terrorist organization.  We need to know why international organizations, foreign governments, media and the HR organizations would limit their condemnation of LTTE attacks only to a brief statement. The LTTE ridiculed and continues to ridicule the very nations that has banned the LTTE with LTTE fronts continuing to operate unscathed. Taking that ban to the level of bizarre is the manner that these LTTE fronts have managed to coerce foreign parliamentarians to attend their campaigns, fundraisers and even speak on top of LTTE stagers with giant cut-outs of Prabakaran in the background. This makes us ask the question – does the LTTE dictate to Western Governments or is the LTTE a tool of the West/India? Therefore, if people wonder why we continue to question all the entities now rallying for war crimes trials against Sri Lanka – our simply question is what were they doing when the LTTE were involved in premeditated murder?

Our doubts become accentuated because the very entities lining up against Sri Lanka did the same media/report/documentary campaign on Libya  – can Sri Lanka trust these ‘friends’ too.


Libya – From Prosperity to Total Anarchy

Sri Lanka – from Terrorism to Freedom & Peace

Media – Role then and now

Media plays an integral role in influencing what we think, feel and say. Why has the media been selective in their coverage going so far as to even relay lies and distort news? Scores of malpractices by media emerge about doctoring videos, footage, clips making us to wonder exactly what their agenda is. Of course, when media is owned by powerful global elites we need to realize that media functions to an agenda and they do not report what takes place as it is. We have too many examples of media lying to us and the examples of Iraq, Libya, Syria and even the Yugoslavia breakup are good reasons for the public to not trust the media. The media is now lined up to be a vassal for every military intervention currently taking place globally. Writers are well placed and funded to create the necessary media glitz about ‘attacks on journalists’ ‘violation of media freedom’ and the general buzzwords which have become very comfortable scenarios to entice the gullible audience.

Foreign Governments

We are dealing with governments that have as part of their policy the mandate to arm insurgent groups and budgets allocated for such through their intelligence agencies. While conniving to carry out underground movements in foreign nations to destabilize them these very nations attempt to project themselves as nations for peace. We have hesitated to name and shame them but it is now time that people realize that countries that pretended to be ‘our friend’ were never our friend. We cannot forget India’s role in training, arming, funding and providing technical and intelligence inputs to unarmed Tamil youth that created armed militant organizations such as LTTE, PLOTE, EPRLF etc. This remains a key dent in relations between Sri Lanka and India until and unless India acknowledge and apologize to Sri Lanka.

Similarly, scores of foreign governments have not only trained Sri Lankan army but they have allowed their nations to be used by the LTTE to obtain similar training. Arms that Sri Lanka has purchased has also been made available to the LTTE, LTTE’s illegal international networks continue unabated and it is nothing that these foreign nations are not unaware of. People smuggling, narcotics are very much part of the LTTE’s portfolio but what have countries done about this except for a few arrests while nothing has happened to the chain of activity which continues undisrupted. We have not forgotten how the West or the so called ‘international community’ turned a blind eye to 30 years of terror killing scores of innocent civilians and when these very nations demand war crimes hearings limited to just 4 months the zig saw is falling into place and we realize why and how LTTE has prevailed all these years. With all that guilt the US and India continue to draft a third resolution against Sri Lanka.

While this is taking place their agents have been unleashed to create the rest of the foundation to prove that ‘rule of law’ does not exist in Sri Lanka so that the Western allies can dart their prepared statements on the customary subjects of ‘religious intolerance’ ‘human rights violations’ ‘media freedom’ etc. As far as religious tolerance is concerned the creation of intolerance is purposely being drafted through various bodies sent to set up illegal prayer centres, indoctrinate people and conduct conversions throwing money to buy people and obtain the necessary numbers for the ‘public demonstrations’ to be used at a future date.

Realizing that the blueprint used in other nations have not worked so far the next ploy has been to now attempt a Pakistan style situation.

It was for a reason that Transparency International an agent of the West revealed that the Legal fraternity was the 2nd most corrupt in Sri Lanka and so naturally the US has struck a deal on a very laughable ‘rule of law’ implementation that comes with it the carrot of FUNDS and this means batches of ambitious lawyers ready to betray the nation would get tickets to the US to study ways to destabilize Sri Lanka.

When the US speaks of religious tolerance it means they are working underground to create the atmosphere to bring about that intolerance. Who do they reach out to – the very parties that train and birth the men who are unleashed throughout the Middle East to create the Arab Springs and they are funded by America’s key Muslim allies who are betraying their own by contributing to cause anarchy in nations inhabited by their own. Western nations are destabilizing countries by getting natives to betray their own and that blueprint has worked perfectly in the Middle East and Africa and the same is being carried out in Asia.

Thus, the ‘attacks’ are not without oxygen coming from foreign quarters and these are sponsored and funded and there are people now placed to create the necessary dissent so the public needs to be alert and identify these elements. If people acting, dressing, behaving differently to what they did 5 years ago it is something that is being influenced by the West through their agents amongst the locals manipulating religions and cultures for this purpose.

What the nations drafting the resolution against Sri Lanka and the nations voting in favour must ask themselves is what did they do to stop LTTE terrorists from killing innocent people – over 300 suicide attacks/bombs over 30 years surely should have generated international outrage in the same manner that is taking place for just 4 months? Why were these nations silent?

HR Organizations /International Charities and their local agents

Over 3000 international NGOs operated in Sri Lanka throughout the war, they had taken millions from kind hearts and there was nothing to show of what they had done. These are all organizations that are funded to do a job. Those working for them are given as job profile and job specification what they have to do. Those who speak on behalf of these organizations are paid to say what they say and their job security depends on delivering what their masters dictate to them. Therefore, what is the level of unbiased coverage they deliver? How far can they claim to be impartial? Is it just a coincidence that all these reports/publications/global statements speaking on the exact same topics have been lined up to be released globally timed ahead of UNHRC sessions?

http://www.onlanka.com/news/are-ngos-foreign-funded-philanthropists-or-actors-of-regime-change.html – Are NGOs foreign funded philanthropists or actors of regime change?

All these organizations eventually lead to powerful nations whose governments fund them to create the necessary framework to change people towards their line of thinking and eventually to align them with their motives. Therefore the programs that these HR/Charities carry out throughout developing nations in particular are with a very clear mandate to bring about change conducive to the West.

If any international investigation is to take place at all it should first investigate all pro-LTTE fronts and separatist movements being carried out by now foreign passport holders living on foreign climes and the manner they are aiding and abetting terrorism while also swindling foreign natives by lying to them to get donations and stealing money through credit card scams. Sri Lanka, must be the only country were ‘refugees’ come to Sri Lanka for holidays!

The Church and LTTE

Catholic Priests at Pro-LTTE demonstration / Father Emmanuel speaking at podium with Eelam flag

However, much the Church denies the links with LTTE are too hard to deny and scores of evidence prevails to showcase how Church representatives have been very much part of the LTTE mechanism. When the Church does not issue a statement against the Fathers/priests that have been accused of partnering with LTTE terror and does not take punitive action against them, the people cannot be blamed for thinking that these links are with the explicit approval of the Church. Moreover, the Vatican is a State, Roman Catholic religion is the only religion in the world to have an independent state therefore it is treated as no different to a Government and these fathers/priests therefore become representatives of a Government and they all report directly to the Head of the Vatican and not to a country’s elected leader – this is why we say they have dual loyalty and are not indigenous institutes to give them credibility.

The lies unfold

So we are prepared for book launches, conferences, media campaigns, mass email petitions, visits by politicians like Rapp all gearing up to strengthen the ‘allegations” from LTTE sources with sugar and spice added by emotional outbursts, photoshop edited pictures/videos and films. Its getting a wee bit boring now.

Prior to 2012 Geneva sessions saw some book called Cage being released. The author is now attached to some Advocacy Group that has released the latest report – credibility nil. Even the UN disassociated from Gordon Weiss and his 40,000 figure. http://un.lk/for-the-record/un-statement-on-former-spokesman-views/.

Thereafter, came the HRW report on no progress on justice in Sri Lanka,  followed by the LTTE release of War Crimes and Genocide – it gets better with Amnesty releasing its report on Security Detainees and in case people forgot Amnesty took donations from Canadian Tamil Congress a pro-LTTE operative banned in Canada. 2012 finale came with the release of Channel 4’s film and then the Resolution.

2013 – no surprise another documentary. Emerges another star ‘witness’ and ‘author’ with the release of her book ‘counting the dead’ and ‘still” because they throw numbers but there are no ‘bodies’ to prove. When things don’t look too good the UN HR head releases her report and starts the ball rolling for an international independent investigation, once again HR organizations jump into the scene all clapping for the ‘credible’ investigation. HRW releases a report on teaching SL a lesson and all they could release was 75 cases of rape in over 5 years and this they called mass rape! 2nd Resolution passed. In the backdrop when the lies look obvious manoeuvres are afoot to subtly frighten the Sri Lankan Government into accepting ‘technical assistance’ and ‘UN advice” – we know where all that will head too! All the while backstage there are more dramas with an LTTE cadre claiming to have saved Tamil civilians by mixing blood and water – can the real doctors come out and say what would happen if you mix blood and water to a patient!!!

2014 – we already have another HRW report – again ‘Little progress on rights” and the latest is some organization calling itself Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Al Jazeera jumping into provide the media oxygen.

If any investigations are to be held at all it should first cover all the entities mentioned above and the manner they have spread hatred, animosity, cruelty and crimes, distorted the truth and contributed directly to making the world riddled with conflict and wars – all engineered and promoted by them.

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