Democratic outlook of Pakistan

By: Stephen Bari

India and Pakistan are traditional rivals since 67 years ago, in the last six and half decades, whatsoever they achieve and lost in history have words? India develops a lot, but sadly Pakistan lost a lot, approximately 3 decades military dictator rule over. It was never ever in the favour of Pakistani nation that is why in 1971 Pakistan lost its eastern part in the form of Bangladesh. This is major difference everlastingly that Pakistani democracy didn’t build up.

I have chat with my Aussie (Australian) friend. His attention to another prospect that Pakistani democracy is poor because of Pakistan is Islamic country and Muslims believe in the edict from the Quran and would prefer to be ruled by Sharia law. I said there are examples of the modern world i.e. Turkey and Indonesia. Both countries are democratic and majority is Muslims, have a look at their development and achievements.

Indian total population is approximately 1.2 billion and the most populous democracy in the world. Pakistan’s population is approximately 200 million. The difference of population is unbeatable, but there are many other aspects where there Pakistani nation can show off their capacity ones level best to put their self on right track.

No doubt that Pakistan is very rich in natural resources which are pride for nation. It’s a bitter fact that crooked leaders ingratiate the resources, but are not easy for them to eat up.

So far so good, there are plenty of issues of Pakistani and Indian democracy, which can discuss and comparison between both of countries. But current situation is unremarkable.   

Pakistani government (Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, He role as dictator in the shape of democracy) He didn’t listen the voice of justice, didn’t listen the voice of politically oppressed and exploited people. Government is saying that they are just few hundred people can’t change us. Government is looking at presence of protestors, thousands are stayed at their home and millions are in overseas who are with Imran Khan and Dr Qadri.

People cannot stop there emotion, they want change. A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon. Soon volcano of injustice, inequality, discrimination and unfairness, corruption and undemocratic and ensnarl will blow up.

People of Pakistan are dreaming for new Earth & Sky (Nayya Pakistan = New Pakistan) magnificent changed with genuine hearted leadership who can settle down all current issues.  Regrettably Quid’s Pakistan disappeared, gone so much weak and feeble. Pakistani nation is looking for another Quid-e-Azam or another Moses, who can confer a new Earth & Sky.   

For the last 67 years Pakistani nation is under a massive internal security issues there are many other issues etc. Gas & electricity load shedding, high level of corruption, northern territory war against terrorism, drone attacks, foreign interference, corrupt political system, lack of real fine leadership, religious confusion, poverty, high–priced, economic failure, police hooliganism and unfortunately there is one hope that is judiciary system, which is also part of corrupt system now a days. The people of Pakistan are worried to whom they can belief to correct the system.

At the end I would suggest to higher authorities for Gods’ sake take action and make Pakistan people as surviving nation. Therefore overseas Pakistani can pride on Pakistan as well. Make Pakistan as like Turkey, Indonesia, Korea, China, thus other nations can reliance on Pakistan. They can come to Pakistan for good gesture, for harmony in cricket many others games, for foreign investment and many more which can be better for the Pakistani nation. It will gleeful for New Pakistan.

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