Chinese university to accept TAFE NSW graduates in world first

NSW Premier Mike Baird today attended the signing of two historic agreements between TAFE NSW and Chinese universities that secured a unique relationship between TAFE NSW in China.

The official signing ceremony took place during Mr Baird’s first international mission as PremTAFEMarkier in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, in the NSW Sister-State of Guangdong.

TAFE NSW Managing Director Pam Christie officially signed the agreements with representatives from the Jinan University, Guangdong, and Ningbo Dahongying University (NDU) in Zhejiang.

Mr Baird said the agreement with Jinan University would automatically recognise a student’s TAFE NSW qualification as credit toward their studies.

“This is the first time a Chinese university, or any tertiary provider around the world, has recognised a TAFE NSW qualification as guaranteed credit toward a Bachelor degree,” he said.

“Our relationship with China goes beyond trade. The agreements signed today reflect the NSW Government’s commitment to developing cultural links with China by increasing access to our education and knowledge sectors.”

Under the agreement with Jinan University, students who have been accepted for entry, who hold a TAFE NSW Diploma, will receive one year’s credit toward any three or four year Bachelor Degree.

The second agreement with NDU will allow students who have completed a qualification at the Chinese university to be eligible to apply for entry into Sydney TAFE’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma level courses.

“We look forward to welcoming NDU students attending Sydney TAFE courses where they will undertake practical work experience during their studies in Australia,” Mr Baird said.

“This is an historic occasion for NSW and will strengthen ties between NSW and China.

“This year marks the 35th anniversary of the NSW-Guangdong Sister-State relationship and today’s agreement reflects a commitment to increasing access to each other’s education sectors.

“The NSW Government is committed to supporting and promoting the education sector internationally. TAFE NSW is a major contributor to the NSW international education relationship in China, with 26 agreements in 12 provinces and regions.

“We want to make sure NSW students are ‘China ready’. The agreements signed today will ensure the industry and business leaders of tomorrow gain an understanding of China’s cultural and business practices.”

“The signing of these new agreements will increase student mobility and strengthen the existing relationship between our two countries,” Mr Baird said.

“In 2014, around 42,000 Chinese international students are enrolled in NSW schools, vocational education and training and universities.

“This is an historic moment in the strong partnership between our two countries.

“It shows the maturity of our relationship and the mutual respect we have for our quality education and training systems,” Mr Baird said.

Ms Christie said today’s signing ceremony marked an important milestone in the relationship between TAFE NSW and Chinese education and training bodies.

“Formal recognition of TAFE NSW Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, especially in the areas of travel, tourism, marketing and international business, will lead to many opportunities for students in both NSW and in China,” Ms Christie said.

“Students will be able to study in both countries to complete programs designed to provide them with the theoretical and practical skills needed for successful careers.”

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