Australians rally against Israel’s attack on Gaza

Over a thousand Australians from all different backgrounds gathered in Sydney’s central business district today to protest against Israel’s recent assaults on Gaza, which has killed 138 people, including 27 children.

Rally for Gaza Photo Credit: Peter Boyle

The Palestine Action Group, organisers of the rally, called on the Australian parliament to end its uncritical bipartisan support for Israeli violence. ‘In line with the responsibilities that come with a seat on the UN Security Council, Australia must develop a fair and independent foreign policy and actively support international law’, the group says.

The speakers at the rally included people from diverse political and religious including Lee Rhiannon, Greens Senator, Lynda Voltz, NSW Labour MLC, Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Association and Father Dave Smith from the Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

As’ad Ashwara, a Palestinian student from the West Bank, condemned the attacks by Israel and called upon the Australian youth to show solidarity for the cause.


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