Australians apologise to asylum seekers with photographic campaign

AUSTRALIANS have taken apologies into their own hands after the Federal Government’s blunderous approach to incidents involving asylum seekers.

And now a website is offering ordinary Australians the opportunity to say what the government hasn’t following the tragic death of 23-year-old Iranian detainee Reza Berati at Manus Island detention centre last week, allows Australians to post a picture alongside their apologies… and the trend is quickly spreading across the web.

According to the website’s creator Ryan Sheales, the movement is “based on a philosophy that Australia’s asylum seeker policy debate — while worthy and necessary — should take place on a bedrock of humanity.

“Whatever your views on the Pacific, Malaysia or PNG solutions, surely we can all agree that basic human decency is a worthy objective?”

The website, says Sheales, is about saying sorry for harsh or inhumane treatment, which is entirely avoidable.

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