Australia Women stress the role of women for cessation of war

Sydney (Press Release): On 16 December 2015 the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) hosted the “Sydney IWPG Network Peace Forum’ to urge the ‘Implementation of an International Convention on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace’ in Vajrayana Institute. The forum mainly discussed the role of women in
supporting the Implementation of the International Convention for the Realization of World Peace and in sharing their acts of peace networking with other women leaders. It was attended by about 20 women from Australia including HWPL staffs.

The participants signed the Statement to Urge for the Implementation of the International Convention and promised the future cooperation with HWPL.

IWPG, the host of the event, proposed the peace activities to share the video about HWPL’s and IWPG’s peace movements. Also, IWPG stress the role of women for peace with maternal hearts that of instinct to protect their children.

Ms. Aisha, the President of Creators of Peaces who has been actively working with (IWPG) said “I’m really proud of cooperating with HWPL with the same vision, the cessation of war and achievement of world peace.”

After watching the video of movement of IWPG, they hung up the messages of peace on Christmas tree with sincere heart hoping for peace.

Besides Ms. Aisha, Ven. Thubten Chokyi, and Churlya Wuerfuel, Director of External Affair of Scientology Church in Sydney has been participating in HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office where religious leaders gather to achieve world peace by comparing each religion’s holy scriptures for the alliance of religions as well as urging implementation of an international convention. They are actively cooperating the two main initiatives of HWPL to achieve world peace.

Ms. Nam Hee Kim, the Chairwoman of IWPG stressed at ‘IWPG Peace Forum’ held in South Korea that “Only when we become one in heart and gather our efforts to urge for peace, we can have much more strength than doing separately.” Following the forum in South Korea, IWPG Peace Forum has been hosted in all around the world like England, Nigeria and Australia. The host, IWPG is an international women’s peace organization actively working through over 700,000 members from 179 branches in 40 countries worldwide. As an actively supporting organization of HWPL’s peace movement, the IWPG is currently leading women’s peace activities worldwide, including various volunteer services, academic education, and cultural and artistic exchanges.

More peace works of IWPG in the near future are being watched with keen interest as many women in Australia are working together for peace as one mind.

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