2014 Premier’s Multicultural Medals presented in a Gala event of Premier’s Harmony Dinner

Premier’s Harmony Award 2014 won by Syed Atiq ul Hassan

 Sydney (Tribune International Report);These awards celebrate the remarkable stories and achievements of these six individuals who have

Hon Victor Dominello speaking at Premier's Multicultural Dinner
Hon Victor Dominello speaking at Premier’s Multicultural Dinner

served their communities with honour and enriched our state’s cultural diversity”. These are the words of Hon Victor Dominello, Minister for Citizenship at the Gala Dinner hosted by the Premier of New South Wales. More than 900 distinguish guests including Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other Federal & States Ministers, Parliamentarians, Senators, Renowned Politicians, Community Leaders of NSW and Prominent Australian Journalism attended the Gala annual Premier’ event which culminates the NSW Government’s Multicultural March Celebrations.

Six citizens have been honoured with Premier’s Medals last night for their exemplary service to multicultural communities in New South Wales at the Premier’s Harmony Dinner receiving – an event which culminates the NSW Government’s Multicultural March celebrations.

Describing the State of New South Wales, Mr. Dominello said, NSW is truly one of the most multicultural societies in the world, with 200 different languages spoken at home and over a quarter of our citizens born overseas. “Ultimately what unites our culturally diverse communities is a sense of mutual respect and belonging through our shared Australian identity,” Mr Dominello said.

Chair of the Community Relations Commission Vic Alhadeff said the Premier’s Harmony Dinner, now in its third year, was an evening of colourful celebration, bringing people together from across different cultures,

Hon Malcolm Turnbull speaking at Premier's Multicultural Dinner
Hon Malcolm Turnbull speaking at Premier’s Multicultural Dinner

faiths and linguistic backgrounds.

“We should be immensely proud to live in a cohesive and respectful society which has welcomed so many people from all over the world,” Mr Alhadeff said.

L-to-R Thamir Shamon, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Frank Newah-Jarfoi and Joseph Tawadros
L-to-R Thamir Shamon, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Frank Newah-Jarfoi and Joseph Tawadros

2014 Premier’s Multicultural Medals recipients are: 

Premier’s Stepan Kerkyasharian Harmony Award: Mr Syed Atiq Ul Hassan for his extraordinary effort in promoting Australian multiculturalism locally and internationally through multicultural events, forums and news media.

Premier’s Youth Award: Mr Thamir Shamaon for his outstanding service as a young adult in community service and the promotion of multiculturalism.

Premier’s Lifetime Community Service Award: Mr Jack Passaris for his commitment to community service and dedication to promoting social cohesion among members of different cultures and faiths for over 40 years.

Premier’s Arts and Culture Award: Mr Joseph Tawadros for his outstanding skills in oud playing (a pear shaped string instrument) and his success in bringing commonality among communities of different ethnic backgrounds, culture and

Mr. Vic Alhadeff, Chair CRC, NSW
Mr. Vic Alhadeff, Chair CRC, NSW

languages through music.

Premier’s Regional Communities Award: Mr Frank Newah-Jarfoi for his great effort and success in building harmonious relations between the African community and wider community of Wagga Wagga.

Premier’s Economic Participation Award: Ms Sonia Ortega for her outstanding achievement of Global Experience, which has placed over 65,000 international students in its home-stay program, which provides a secure and caring environment for students.

The 2014 2014 Multicultural Honour Roll Inductees are:

Dr Farid Farag MD (1927-2012) for his highly regarded work as a general surgeon and a community activist for over 40 years.

Ms Maddalena Gustin (1914-2003) for her work in the development of foreign language programming on Australian commercial radio in the late 1950s.

Ms Gloria Habbib (1949-2007) for her tireless work in advocating for cultural diversity and building the bridges between students, teachers, and parents from different cultural backgrounds and faiths.

Mr John Gebhardt (1947-2011) for his illustrious career as a teacher, educator and as a multicultural community advocate and tireless worker for the development of a multicultural NSW and Australia.

A traditional iselanders cultural dance
A traditional iselanders cultural dance

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell are currently on the official tour of China therefore could not attend the event, however, both sent their messages via video link. More images and reports will be released soon.

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