Wallabies’ World Cup jersey slammed by fans for its design

The design for the Wallabies’ 2015 World Cup jersey has enraged fans

The Wallabies have unveiled their new home jersey for the upcoming World Cup. It is a plain enough offering, low on flash. The only real accent is on the right-hand shoulder, where the stars from the Australian national flag are incorporated.

The new jersey is supposed to be the lightest one ever designed for the national team and is a far stretch from the hefty numbers worn by Michael Lynagh and David Campese in the 1990s.

But Aussie fans are not best pleased with the latest offering.

Australian rugby fans have voiced their disapproval after seeing leaked images of the World Cup jersey the Wallabies are rumoured to be wearing in this year’s showpiece tournament.

The images popped up in apparel shops overseas and online this week, and while the picture shown here are said to be a supporters’ version of the playing jersey, fans showed no mercy online.

“I AM SURE that a Kiwi designer is secretly behind this obvious attempt to undermine the calibre of the Wallaby brand in the eyes of the Australian sports-loving public,” one user commented on fan site Green and Gold Rugby, which first uploaded the image.

“Yeah it’s a little bit 90s pyjamas ODI cricket and a little bit tennis t-shirt. Nothing particularly rugby about it. It’d make a decent Hookeyroos jersey, but it’s not a wallabies jersey,” said another.

“That’s a shocker! Looks like something you’d get for free if you buy two cartons of XXXX and then send away your bar codes,” was one supporter’s opinion.

Designed by sportswear manufacturer Asics, the official jersey will be unveiled later today, and if the leaked photos are any guide, it will contain a number of changes to the current design.

The right sleeve is adorned with a stars-and-stripes feature, representing the southern cross, while the Wallabies crest on the right pectoral is set to be replaced with the official Rugby World Cup logo, as was done in 2011.

A major concern punters have with the rumoured design is the colour scheme. While still predominantly green and gold, it has been lambasted by some for being too bright, resembling the canary yellow more commonly associated with Australian cricketers during the 1970s and 1980s.

Reaction of fans on Twitter:

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