By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Open your eyes, Pakistanis! Become aware of the agenda of the superpowers and India against Pakistan’s integrity.

Was Imran Khan’s government dismissed only because the US disliked him?

What do you think about the government of Pakistan handing over Sharif, Zardari, and all the corrupt people just because they were in opposition?

Was General Bajwa unaware that installing an imported government would bankrupt his country?

Are you still of the opinion that Pakistan’s justice system is independent?

Can you explain why NAB powers have been withdrawn and money laundering, corruption, and money looting cases have been rolled out? Isn’t that part of the game plan of a superpower?

The Pakistani economy was heading towards bankruptcy every day when crime Minister Shahbaz Sharif brought Ishaq Dar with him on a special Pakistani Air Force plane, and within 24 hours Mr. Dar has sworn in as a senator and then as finance minister.

Can Imran Khan return to the government and bring the country back on track?

The masterminds behind Pakistan’s destruction will never bring Imran Khan to power, but rather assassinate him.

Do you still believe that Pakistan cannot be disintegrated because it is a nuclear state?

My patriotic Pakistanis, if you ignore these critical questions even today and think that these are just my speculations or unreal fears, you are making an unforgivable mistake that cannot be undone.

Having written columns and recorded vlogs on my analysis for at least two years now, I believe the plan of dividing Pakistan into pieces is in its final stages. According to this plan, Pakistan will be divided into three or rather four parts – Greater Punjab, Sindhu Desh, Greater Pakhtoonistan, and Independent Baluchistan which will be controlled by the US military, through its military base in Greater Baluchistan.

Mostly consisting of the Sharif family, Zardari & Company, Pashtun, Baluch, and Sindhi activists groups (quom parast), corrupt bureaucrats, and some army generals, the deal has been made with the US, India, and UK.

There are countless problems in Pakistan, such as bankruptcy of the Pakistani treasury, inflation surpassing people’s purchasing power, street crimes, violence, rape of women and children in broad daylight, and increasing crime in cities and towns.

Military officers killed in northern Pakistan are not just accidental deaths, but also part of an international agenda. For a long time, I have been conveying these things to you.

Pakistan’s security services are failing to do their job or playing into the hands of foreign powers following the release of several hours of audio from the Prime Minister’s House on the dark web. It is said that the intelligence agency of Pakistan is the strongest intelligence institution in the world. Having the top intelligence services in operation Pakistan’s secret information is leaked and on sale on the dark web then only Allah can save Pakistan.

One hundred thousand Pakistani soldiers surrendered to Indian army officers in 1971, the worst defeat in history. The former Pakistan army Generals who surrendered in Bangladesh against Indian forces were received warmly in West Pakistan after returning from India.

Remember in the 1970s; India, Britain, and the US had an international agenda, and Pakistan Generals obeyed their masters’ orders.

India and all the international powers are once again united in their goal of disintegrating Pakistan so that the Muslim Ummah’s power can be wiped out forever. They are being served by Pakistan’s most corrupt elements and a few military generals and bureaucrats in the same way they were when East Pakistan fell in 1971.

Patriotic Pakistanis: the situation is before you. The Pakistani treasury has no reserve dollars left. Pakistan’s currency has fallen below Afghanistan and Bangladesh, as well as far below the Indian rupee. The rest of the job towards bankruptcy will be done by Ishaq Dar, a qualified financial criminal.

The fact that Pakistan has nuclear weapons does not mean it can’t be disintegrated. The USSR’s nuclear warheads were the most powerful in history, so what happened to them?

Unfortunately, Pakistan today has an army general who will serve the international agenda and disarm the country.

Perhaps you think I’m exaggerating, or these are just my imaginations. So, please keep this article in your record.

Those who were young or not born at the time can ask their elders who played what role in the fall of East Pakistan. In 1971, I was in the ninth grade when my father used to comment on the situation in East Pakistan and the possibility of its separation. When my father described this in his writings and talks, people used to make fun of him and said it would never happen. Then, one day at eight o’clock at night, a foreign radio news bulletin announced that East Pakistan was gone, and Bangladesh was created as a new country.

As evidence, attached to this article, there is a video clip of a statement made by an Indian which is one of many circulating on YouTube at present. These stories are produced today mainly by Indian media or social media, but also by all countries that claim to be Pakistan’s friends but have little sympathy for it.

Imran Khan is, in my opinion, Allah’s gifted leader who has come to save Pakistan from extinction. I believe, since millions of Indian Muslims sacrificed for the creation of Pakistan, Allah still wants to forgive the Pakistani nation. There is no doubt that Allah can forgive us for our mistakes and maintain Pakistan’s instability, otherwise, we wouldn’t deserve it.

The state and international powers are currently exerting tremendous pressure on Imran Khan. Due to the strong public support for Imran Khan, the plan to kill him has not been implemented, but does that mean that it has been abandoned?

There is constant pressure on Imran Khan not to declare public resistance or a national call! You never know what will happen tomorrow, so don’t wait if you can save Imran and Pakistan now. (The writer is a Sydney-based Pakistani background journalist and analyst, his email is shassan@tribune-intl.com ).

Syed Atiq ul Hassan,

Mobile: +61 479 143 628

Sydney Australia.

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