The brutality and extremism in India against Minorities

[Peace-loving people in India and strong human rights organizations have been producing facts-finding reports on racism, torture, and brutal attacks on minorities but the world peace champions are silent. . . . . by  Syed Atiq ul Hassan]

If the United States and its allies carried out bloody military operations in Afghanistan to eliminate al Qaeda terrorists, bombarded Afghan territory, took persons to the United States, and held them inhumanely at Guantanamo Bay on terrorism charges! If the United States could overthrow Saddam Hussein’s government by

Occupied-Kashmir Indian army barbarism (source Pro Iqra news)

attacking Iraq and hanging him! If the governments of Syria and Libya can be overthrown in the name of democracy! If Israel can massacre unarmed Palestinians for the sake of complete occupation of Palestine! If Russia could invade Ukraine and capture parts of Crimea and Donbas! If the United States could impose economic sanctions on Iran on the acquisition of developing nuclear weapons!

Why are then the world powers, champions of democracy and justice silent about the inhuman treatment, oppression, atrocities, and murders committed by Hindu extremists with the backing of the Hindu extremist Modi government in India? Despite having veto power, why the powerful countries of the Security Council have not been able to pressure India to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir as per a 1948 United Nations resolution and decide the fate of the people of Kashmir?

International peace and human rights organizations report that India’s Hindu extremist government, through the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), has made life horrific in India for Muslims, Christians, lower-caste Hindus, and Sikhs.

Muslims in particular are systematically massacred by Modi’s government. Muslims in India face a high risk of mass murder if the world has not paid attention to this chaos. Sadly, the US and UK are merely acting as spectators to the ongoing abuse and killings of Muslims and Christians in India. Why?

Human rights groups have published thousands of reports detailing the inhumane treatment of Muslims and Christians in India and 70 years of atrocities in Kashmir. Yet the governments of the United States, Britain, Russia, France, Germany, and Australia have closed their eyes to the atrocities – Why?

Even more worrying is the attitude of the Middle East. Some Arab States invited Narendra Modi and presented award of excellence for growing trade relations – What a shame!

Radical Narendra Modi’s government rapes Kashmiri women, killing young and old Kashmiris cold-bloodedly, violating international human rights laws. When unarmed Kashmiri civilians demonstrate the barbaric act of the Indian army they shoot them indiscriminately.

Why are international powers apathetic and complacent when international human rights organizations, journalists, international media, and commentators bring these atrocities to the world’s attention?

Peace-loving people in India and strong human rights organizations have been producing facts-finding reports on racism, torture, and brutal attacks on minorities but the world peace champions are silent.

Can world peace be maintained with such an unjust, ruthless and indifferent attitude of the world powers?

Even though India is a hugely populated country and the world has much trade interest in India as well as selling arms to India by the US, Russia, the UK, and France, nothing should be more important than world peace and harmony.

It is an eye-opening situation for the world. Both countries have nuclear weapons and possess advanced air forces and nuclear-capable long-range missiles. In the event of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, neither India nor Pakistan nor any other superpower or the world would be spared.

Thus, for the sake of peace on this planet, this is the responsibility of the world’s superpowers, especially the USA, the UK, Russia, France, and Australia, as well as the responsibility of the United Nations and its Security Council to prevent the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government from engaging in inhuman acts against minorities in India. Kashmir and its people must be freed from brutal Indian military operations. Let’s resolve the Kashmir dispute under the UN resolution passed in 1948.

(The writer, Syed Atiq ul Hassan, is a Sydney-based journalist, political analyst, editor Tribune International and peace activist. His email is )

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