Social media made the Arab Spring, but couldn’t save it

The Arab Spring carried the promise that social media and the Internet were going to unleash a new wave of positive social change. But the past five years have shown that liberty isn’t the... Read more »

Syrian Artists reveal horror of war and conflict

As the war in Syria enters its fifth year, millions of homes have been destroyed and almost half of the population has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and injured-... Read more »

Tunisia Museum Attack: Shooters kill 17 Tourists, 2 Tunisians

Gunmen killed at least 19 people — including 17 foreign tourists — in an attack on the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, and their accomplices might still be... Read more »

Alarming rise in Child suicides in Tunisia – the country that sparked Arab Spring

Around 203 children attempted suicide in 2014 “A society with no vision is a society without a future. It is the lack of a vision and ambitions that prompt the youth to illegally... Read more »

Why did the Arab dream turn into an Arab nightmare?

by Nasim Ahmed Middle East Monitor Almost four years into the so-called Arab Spring one could be forgiven for thinking that it hasn’t been worth it, judging by the death and destruction... Read more »