Some Hard Facts about Muslim Islamism

By Shenali D Waduge

If Muslim Islamism has been created as a geopolitical agenda why are Muslims willing participants

There are a few burning issues that the global community is having to deal with.

1. Awareness by some and the lack of awareness by most that Muslim Islamic extremism was created as a Western geopolitical tool.

2. Awareness by some Muslims and unwillingness by most Muslims to accept that not only is Muslim Islamic extremism created by the West but the Muslim organizations propagating fundamentalism are drawing them to join and Muslims have become willing participants because these entities are keeping a grip on Muslims using tenets of Islam, Quran and other religious texts.

3. Complimentary to the Muslim Islamic fundamentalism is a new wave of Islamic demands and rights being propagated and pushed using Muslim public to create further dissent and guaranteed to generate the geopolitical unrest planned – surge in foreign funded mosques, madrassas, prayer centres, Islamic dress changes visibly taking place, halal commercial system meant to raise funds for Muslims and generate employment for Muslims, Islamic banking again a commercial venture where banks will become shareholders simply by turning interest into profit, creating separate and parallel society within existing society according to Islamic Sharia laws with the purposeful intent of dividing and creating dissent.

A good look at all the designated terrorist organizations banned by the West will reveal after closer analysis that they are intelligence assets and have been trained, funded and armed by these very countries who after giving them the necessary terror tools go after them in what we are told is a ‘war on terror’ (or that is what we are made to believe) but in the end these nations take over countries and take over the natural resources and assets and end up running these countries after placing puppets to rule them. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan are perfect examples.

At the same time in the countries where they are buying time they use the cultural leverage and UN acronyms to demand rights for minorities with militant groups using their political arms to make Islamic demands that non-Islamic nations end up giving in to because of international pressures. Thus, at another level the plot is to create and lay the foundation for phase two of the plot, a kind of interim period.

Some hard facts need to be digested to understand the extent of control the West have over Islamic extremism. The Muslim extremism that the West claims to oppose was actually created by them and continues to be used by them.

  • Al Qaeda was a creation of the US/UK initially to fight the Russians in the early 1980s – Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda (& we continue to operate it)
  • Muslim extremists were trained, funded and armed 5 months before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. The action authorized by President Jimmy Carter (Zbigniew Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version, the CIA’s support for the Mujahideen began in 1980, i.e. after the Soviet army’s invasion of Afghanistan on 24 December 1979. But the reality, which was kept secret until today. On 3 July 1979 that president Carter signed the first directive for the secret support of the opposition against the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul). Can this action not be taken as a provocation of Russia to invade Afghanistan the same that is being done in Ukraine?
  • Muslim extremism was and is and will continue to be used as an instrument of foreign policy
  • US had even paid Afghan rebel journalists to use all forms of media to project themselves as ‘freedom fighters’ – this was a separate project for which Congress paid $500,000 to hire experts. The same prevails internationally.
  • The same Mujahideen terrorists were used in Bosnia to fight the Bosnian Serbs but the media was quick to project Bosnian Muslims as the innocent party and using every means to give the impression that Bosnian Serbs were carrying out genocide. The white costumes worn were Middle Eastern mujahideen and not Yugoslav Muslims.
  • What needs to be boldly reiterated and understood is that while the US State Department was officially condemning Muslim extremism and Islamic fundamentalism the US was actually sponsoring Muslim terror.
  • Another example was Georgia which Russians accuse of aiding Chechen terrorists. Again they were financed and trained by the US
  • To the US creating the collapse of the Soviet Empire was more important than letting lose scores of armed and trained Islamic terrorists that has come to represent a global threat and questions how far the West is actually in control of the mayhem or whether they wish to control it at all! The US believes that there is no global Islam because there is nothing in common amongst them

What is abundantly clear is that there are no freedom fighters, all the rebels and rebellions/insurgencies around are Foreign Supported Assassins transported from one nation to the other to cause mayhem. This is what happened in Iraq, Libya, Bosnia and now Syria.

The Muslims caught between their unquestioning allegiance to Islam and all of its texts are a lost lot.

What needs to be understood is that over 95% of world’s conflicts are associated with Islam and Islamic militants declaring jihads in the name of Allah. What is not understood or taken to account is that behind these declared wars are non-Muslims plotting, planning and arming these groups in connection with some Muslim nations who put their royal existence and right to lead above any guilty feelings that they are committing their own people to death.

US may have invaded and occupied Iraq, the US troops may have killed Iraqis and put it to collateral damage but the present scale of killings taking place throughout the Middle East and in Africa and Eastern Europe as well as in parts of Asia are as a result of sectarian violence with Muslims killing Muslims and both sides funded by the West. The same story prevails in all of the other nations where US has intervened and then placed their Muslim faithfuls to create the anarchy necessary.

While we understand the predicament the Muslims are faced with it is a noticeable and unfortunate thing that Muslims that lived integrating themselves into non-Muslim societies have become easy prey for a new wave of demands that they are willing participants in, instead of saying that they wish to live as they have. These new incursions are all part of part two of the plot to create dissent amongst the majority non-Muslim community and Muslims have become willing participants but expect the world to take them as victims. When Muslims become part of the problem it is difficult for non-majority Muslim nations to view them as victims because by the new changes in their behaviors the majority realize that they are inviting trouble that the West have masterminded and mastered.

How much of the blame for Islamic Extremism are Muslims willing to take?
The US and allies may be linked with indoctrinating Muslims and creating the jihads taking place globally. But none of these would take place without the willingness to participate by Muslims. If Muslims are participating and parents are allowing their children to be sent to madrassas where they are indoctrinated towards new jihads, it is the Muslims that need to accept accountability. If Muslims start to think, act and behave differently without falling prey to Islam that is being manipulated to draw them into violence the world would be a better place for Muslims and all others. Muslims need to take stock of things and realize that if anything is to change the answer lies within them.
They cant blame others for manipulating them if they were not willing to participate in the first place.

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