Peshawar school children recreate photo taken before the massacre

After returning to school this week, two students of the Army Public School, Talha Munir Paracha (far left) and Hassan Javed Khan (second right), have endeavored to keep the memories of Peshawar attack victims alive by sharing heartbreaking photos.

Paracha is on the first left. He and his friend Hassan Javed Khan (second right) both managed to escape from the gunmen who killed more than 150 people after attacking a school in Peshawar.

On the second left of the bottom picture is Rafiq Bangash and on the far right is Mohammad Yassen: neither of them were able to escape the terrorists.

Teenager Talha Munir Paracha, who uploaded these pictures to Facebook earlier this week, has not only honoured the memory of his friends but has also given the world a heart-wrenching reminder that everyone at that school has lost a friend, a classmate or a teacher.

Last month in December, as news of the Peshawar school carnage made headlines across the world, a wave of panic and grief spread like wildfire in Peshawar. People across Pakistan witnessed how the sheer loss of humanity could shatter the dreams of so many families by snatching their children away from them. As the bodies of teachers and schoolchildren who lost their lives were laid to rest a day later, stories of human suffering became all the more real and frightening. When the school reopened on Monday (12 Jan.) all the memories of ill-fated day have once again reminded Pakistanis of the looming terror, insecurity and also the indifference of the poeple as well as government.

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