Path to Process Real Freedom and Sovereignty of Pakistan

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Sydney, Australia

Today, Pakistan stands at a crossroads where, on the one hand, Pakistan dreams of an independent foreign policy, and on the other, traditional American slavery. The people of Pakistan, like other Islamic nations, unlike their leaders, hate US-backed governments.

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

When a political leader in any Islamic State confronts the US domination and wants to govern the state with independent policy US overthrows the government and eliminates the leader through her local agents, agencies, and US political loyalists.

The powerful pillar of Pakistan’s state is the Pakistan Army and the ISI, which have been part of the US ally since the first Military Rule in the country in 1958 by General Ayyub Khan. On one side, the United States talks about maintaining democracy in the world, especially in small countries, and on the other side, the US patronizes the dictatorial powers that bring and destroy democracy. Then there are countries where the United States has its own interests, such as the Middle Eastern states where there is a hereditary monarchy, the US defends them.

Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Khan was assassinated by CIA. East Pakistan was separated and made Bangladesh by an Indian conspiracy. US-backed overthrew of the democratic government in Pakistan by the first military government in Pakistan in 1958. Ayyub Khan being a dictator was given a warm and historic welcome when he first visited the United States. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged. Zia-ul-Haq along with several generals were killed in the plane crash. The Nawaz Sharif and Benazir governments were overthrown before their tenure of the governments expired. General Pervez Musharraf was forced to resign and leave Pakistan. All these events in Pakistan were directly or indirectly backed by the United States. ۔The United States has been fulfilling Pakistan’s defense needs but has never fully supported Pakistan. For example, the US received the full amount of purchasing F16 aircraft but then banned the defence deal and did not deliver the aircraft until Pakistan fully cooperated with US military operations in Afghanistan.

In the past, things have been kept secret from the Pakistani people, and only that much was told to the public which had no objection to Washington’s policymakers.

Today the world has changed. We are now living in the most modern communication and social media era. Every news, event, deal and background are spread in the world through global media and social media in a few hours. And this is what happened in Khan’s fiasco. The Pakistani military, agencies, and political actors were asked to pass a no-confidence motion against Imran Khan’s government, at any cost, and separate him from politics by filing cases and references against him. However, as I said earlier, the time has changed now. The orders of the United States became unveiled abruptly not only to the common people of Pakistan but to the entire world in a few hours. The stories spread like wildfire not only in Pakistan but in the world through social media. The US administration and the Pakistani establishment could not control this fire. US and Pakistani establishments did not realize the power of social media today. And then, the Pakistani media compelled the cover the plot against Mr. Khan’s government.

The atrocious, dirty, and corrupt game of buying members of parliament used to play in Pakistan for the last 50 years but the stories did not unsurfaced, and the ordinary Pakistanis were not aware of it. In the past print media was limited. New reports were censored and controlled by the establishment. Though the Pakistani people knew that the United States was behind the formation and removal of the government, how it happened, people were not told. Today, social media has opened everything to the public.

How did the US foreign affairs campaign in Pakistan oust Imran Khan’s government, how Pakistani politicians, parties, and members of parliament were bought and how Pakistani diplomats were dictated to? Everything was brought to the notice of the people through social media and national and international media. More than 60% of the population of Pakistan consists of youth. Today, in the cities of Pakistan, even in small towns, people have smart mobile phones.

When former Prime Minister Imran Khan put all this in front of the people in notable large demonstrations (Jalsa), the majority of Pakistanis expressed their grief and anger. The common people of Pakistan now stood behind Imran Khan. All the loyalist parliamentarians Mr. Khan’s PTI resigned from the parliament along with Imran Khan.

Now the people of Pakistan are after the judiciary, establishment, and opponent parties to revert all their unjustified acts against Imran Khan and his government. The popularity and solidarity with Imran Khan are touching the skies now. The change in Pakistan is inevitable now.

18 April 2022

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