PAKISTAN: Paradox of Corruption and Criminal Leadership

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

The Nation Degraded by Complicit Generals and Political Criminals:

Dr. Mehboob A. Khawaja

The defiant Generals and indicted political criminals claiming to be the winners of current national elections and custodian of democracy display a portrait of degradation, legal injustice and horrible shallow future of a moral nation. They used absolute power beyond their official  capacity to dismantle the integrity of the nation and never imagined the consequences of their wrong thinking and fraudulent actions. Under military Generals, absolute power and martial laws are used to discredit the moral and religious heritage and nations are destroyed, humiliated and not developed for future-making. Pakistan experienced this tragedy in 1971. Political paradox represent a delusional culture of authoritarian absolutism and call into question the roleplay, deception and betrayal by the few Generals and either bought or coerced few judges of the Supreme Court to play with the destiny of the nation.They appear to have incapacitated the mainstream thinking hubs of the nation by using power beyond their position, capacity and authority to imprison Imran Khan, PTI under false pretext of politically geared cases to reinstate  a thug and criminally indicted Sharif brothers back into the power house.

Pakistani Generals could be bought and sold at market places disclosed Bruce Riedel, Brooking Institute, USA  (“Battle for the Soul of Pakistan” ), a former President Obama’s advisor on Pakistan and Afghanistan, 2009, is now repeated by President Joe Biden, “most dangerous nation in the world.”The few Generals under Assim Munir and the Chief Justice lack vision and characteristics and are directly complicit in planning the fraudulent elections to reinstate Sharif brother and other criminals. They could be held accountable for their wickedness, interventionist strategy to derail the stability and future of Pakistan.

Pakistan in Search of New Educated Generation to rebuild its Future:

The nations once colonized by European imperialism remain colonized forever. The military institution is a by-product of colonial legacy. Please see “British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost National Freedom.” The quest for political change lacks the existence of public institutions to sustain reasoned politics, educated and intelligent leaders and proactive visions for change and adaptability to a critical future-making. A snapshot of critical moments in time and history unfolds dark imagery of political governance and military coups in Pakistan. These thugs stole billions and billions to own properties in the UK, France and Spain. The Thinking People of the New Generation of Pakistanis view the Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs and General Musharaf –  all in one slot – the most corrupt, crime riddled monsters who will never come to terms with reason and honesty to reflect on their own wrongdoings. The US briefed the Pakistani General Munir to bring the Sharif family back to power and arrange symbolic bogus elections – Would the General get green cards for his betrayal to the Nation? 

The Generals, Sharifs , Zaradri and Bhuttos have no Place of Honor in Pakistan:

The national elections were rigged to deprive the most popular party of Imran Khan (PTI) in favor of thugs and criminals -the reinstated Sharif family. Please see more:

“Pakistan: What Next after the Rigged National Elections?

People devoid of knowledge and integrity and military Generals do not build the socio-economic, moral and intellectual capacity of a nation. The President of Pakistan should set-up an investigating tribunal under impartial judges to restore trust in the legal system of justice in the country. Pakistan needs an urgent systematic navigational change for legal accountability and to ensure trust, integrity and honesty to the beleaguered image of Pakistan and its conscientious people. If honesty and accountability has any real meaning, the majority of Pakistani masses would demand an immediate resignation of the Chief of the Army Staff General Assem Munir, the Chief Justice Qazi Esa, the Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Raja and others involved in the fraudulent scheme of elections. They violated the oath under the Constitution and betrayed the trust and responsibility assigned to them for their dutiful impartial performance and its accountability.

How to Move forward for Political Change and Nation-building?

Today, the nation is crippled with catastrophic events of insecurity, mismanagement and socioeconomic and political exploitation. They never imagined–how the present and future generations will identify them? Please see by this author:Pakistan Imperatives of Political Change for a Progressive Nation”2019;Pakistan in Search of Freedom and Security”, Uncommon Thought Journal and Global Research: 10/20/22, and “Pakistan, Planned Political Chaos: Imran Khan a Victim of Hope for the Future”, Global Research: 11/06/2022; “Pakistan Striving for Its Soul.

The Generals must see the mirror and realize what went wrong with their thinking, professionalism and honesty as they took oath to serve the nation. Their ethical and professional sickness must be cured. Pakistan has fast become a trajectory of crime riddle political culture and it signals not just decadence but a downfall of the nation. Is there a cure to the cruelty of colonial systems of political governance?

The following statements were shared worldwide to safeguard our national interest, security and future-making:“Pakistan: The Generals and Judges Who Betrayed the Nation.” The Pakistani masses view Imran Khan with great deal of optimism and integrity and hope for a new beginning, free of political corruption paving opportunities for sustainable change. please view  “Pakistan Confronts its Future under Betrayal of Generals”,:Uncommon Though Journal:1/15/2024

Tyranny is always powerless and transitory. Often when sadistic conspirators  cannot solve one set of problems, they come up with other naïve ideas to create more critical problems to distract the masses. What is the solution to the morally and intellectually sickening political culture of Pakistani politics? History will judge the imposters by their actions, not by their claims to serve the nation.

  1. Pakistan, its people and its future are NOT the sole property of few Generals or the current Chief Justice.

2.The General’s insane ambitions and actions are the outcome of the briefing and dictate by the US interest.

  1.  If bogus elections are held to bring the indicted criminals and money launderers – Nawaz Sharif family back to power as appears to be the case, there will be massive socioeconomic and political chaos, disruptions, street battles and bloodbath between the armed forces and common people.
  2. The Generals and the judges do not plan, grow or build nations but people of knowledge, vision, moral and intellectual integrity contribute for such a vital agenda.
  3. Pakistan’s socio-economic, political and strategic needs are not the task and mandates of the judges and the Generals – they are a misfit for such roleplays..

[Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja specializes in international affairs-global security, peace and conflict resolution with keen interests in Islamic-Western comparative cultures and civilizations.]


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