Muslims in England are remarkably growing every year. According to the census of the Office for National Statistics, England released figures for 2021, the number of Muslims is increasing significantly after Christians and people who claim no religion. According to the recent

Source; Muslim Council of Britain (SCB)

census, the Muslims in England are 3.9 million and 6.5 percent of the entire population.

Conversion from other faith to Islam is another significant factor in the increase in the Muslim population. One key factor in the growth of the Muslim population is migration, mostly on a humanity basis (asylum-seekers) of Muslims due to political and economically unstable countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Morocco, Sudan, and Yemen.

According to the British Council of Muslims, London has the highest population of Muslims. 26 Parliamentary constituencies have a Muslim population of 20% or more. Many local councils and state governments have Muslim representatives including the Mayor of London and Manchester.

The second most common ethnic group after white is South Asians.

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