Multicultural Society, Multiculturalism and Third Eye

By Stephen Bari, Sydney

Multicultural society is combination of cultural diversity, Languages, ethnicities, dresses, food, baritraditional values, social backgrounds and lifestyle are main source of multiculturalism.  Societies who have several different cultures around the world and races all they called multicultural societies.  Every country is having their different cultures sub-cultures, diversity, ethics, races and principles which make them a multicultural society.

There are many countries based on multiculturalism. Canada and Australia are the most popular in their multiculturalism and therefore attraction for new migrants. Australia is not only multicultural society it is oldest civilization as well. The history of Australia based on more than 40,000 years ago.  Aboriginal Australians are believed to have first arrived on the Australian mainland then later on in 1788 British arrived on this land. Day by day it is becomes multicultural Australia.

With the passage of time migrants came from different countries and nations living under one sky. All belongs to multicultural societies and well aware of to develop relationship with each other. Where there are human beings, they have life principles to live.  As like another societies Australia have their constitutional law and theory on the bases of equality.

Australia offer equal human rights to everyone, there is no difference no threats to minorities and no threats to any race.   Doesn’t matter someone’s origin is Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America or South America.  There is no discrimination on the basis of culture or races. They have a motto of equal rights for all. Australia has lots of policies which are encouraging and supporting multiculturalism. But on another hand there is still room and conflict by the people to participate and mix-up into mainstream Australian culture.


The term multicultural societies are strengthening than religious societies. Many countries are officially called republic, democratic or democratic-republic but in fact few of them are very far away from the meaning of their official names. According to Australia’s official name it public welfare state and based on multiculturalism. Australia offers freedom of speech.  This is beauty of Commonwealth of Australia.

Multiculturalism does not mean to have to dominate one religion, one culture, one caste system, one race or denominationism. Australia is only dominated with multiculturalism. This is superior power of state. This is a mainstream of Australia.

Third Eye:

There is amazing craze, when someone wants to be a member of Australian team. Fortunately people tried their best efforts to make their dreams true to settle in Australia. The most of them got success after completion of their studies, seeking asylum and business migration; just few of them go back to their homes.  In the early days of their success people feel very happy with the Australian way of life and government facilities. They loves to go out (clubs & pubs), later on they change their minds and demands from government according to their faiths, culture and many other issues which are hard to go in details here. They do Australian oaths according to their faith and once they start healthy wealthy they forget Australian oaths and keep their own faiths only. Then their minds are in overseas and bodies are in Australia.

Being a part of multicultural society member should have broad minds, tolerance, acceptance, adoption and respects other cultures and most important member should be thankful to Australian government for providing an opportunity to have a beautiful life in this country. Some of migrant have a wrong assumption, when they see someone first time, they believe that the person next to them, is from their racial group, which is wrong assumption and they think the people live in Australia are from their country. Some people a mind of it, if someone ask him/her in the binging of chat, that which country are you from or impose their assumptions.

There are few countries which they have enormous cultures and diversities. They are very rich in their custom & values. There should not be any problem for them to settle in Australia. When we are living in multicultural society it means we have experience to reside with other races.

The countries or societies who based on multi-languages they are great symbol of multi cultures. There are few counties where there are limited dialogues. They have not vast experience of multi-languages in their background. It is bit hard for them to adopt other values. They assume that their surrounding racial is native language speaker.

Few of migrant doesn’t care of other cultural respect, most of the time they discriminate others with their non-multi-cultural behavior. During their socialization, if someone invited from other community, they start conversation in their respective language. It means this is conflict to adopt local culture and values.

English is a collective communication tool to communicate with other races generally or professionally. It is rude and offensive to speak in foreign or different language under any circumstances in front of a person, who has no idea about it.

Migrants who belong to countries having war and terrorism issues, it is not easy for them to follow the Australian way of life right away. They wants same system which they left also they look at the Australian system with critics’ point of view. I believe that they assume that they are best and whatever they are doing it is right. Whatever locals are doing is wrong.

Most of asylum seekers or immigrant to Australia, they have miserable innocent and scary faces in their early days of arrival. Once their status is changed, they become different to adopt Australian culture. if someone got a chance to be a part of multicultural society they should follow the law and regulations of respective countries. Adaptation of new culture specially to live in multicultural society is very important and key for success.

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