By Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Editor, Tribune International, 4 Feb 2022; The Chinese government has invited Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to attend the Winter Olympics as a special guest. Imran Khan has left for a

Imran Khan, Pakistani PM

three-day visit to China. Imran Khan is also expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during the visit.

Not only in Pakistan, but also abroad, this visit is highly regarded. At the end of this visit, it will be clear whether Pakistan will now lean towards the US bloc, or if the new bloc will include China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, etc. May Allah Almighty grant the Prime Minister of Pakistan the ability to make decisions that are in the best interests of Pakistan, the Pakistani nation, and Muslims around the world.

However, another issue of paramount importance now is the long-standing persecution and inhumane treatment of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. The Muslims are being forced to convert. They are forced to eat pork and alcohol in concentration camps.

Islamic practices are not permitted and refusing to follow them is punished by torture and murder. Children are separated from their parents and taught Buddhism. The details were revealed by Uyghur Muslims who somehow escaped to Australia, Europe, and the United States as refugees.

There is no word yet on whether Imran Khan, a lover of State of Madinah, will dare to raise the issue of Uyghur Muslims in front of Chinese President Jinping.

In addition to Imran Khan, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a contemporary of Uyghur Muslims, is also facing similar challenges. Until now, he has not made any demands for Uyghur Muslims from China.

Sadly, the leaders of the Muslim Ummah project themselves as champions of Islam only in their speeches and conferences, on the other hand, they are submissive to the rising power of China. May Allah fill their hearts with fear and grant them the ability to make decisions with faith.


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