By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Several prominent democratic nations, including Australia, have voiced their concerns regarding the recent elections in Pakistan, held on February 8. The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement released expressing apprehension about the conduct and outcomes of Pakistan’s national elections.

The statement emphasized Australia’s commitment to supporting an independent, fair, inclusive, and credible electoral process in Pakistan, in accordance with both constitutional mandates and international democratic principles.

Australia particularly lamented the manner in which the February 8 elections were conducted. It highlighted incidents where a major political party was unfairly excluded from participation, leading to a denial of the people’s mandate and subsequent reversal of election results. To assess the situation firsthand, Australia deployed representative to monitor the elections and compile comprehensive reports on their conduct. Additionally, Australian media outlets, notably the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), dispatched journalist to Pakistan to provide extensive coverage of public sentiment, pre-election dynamics, and on-the-ground observations during polling.

The unprecedented attention given by Australian media to the Pakistani elections underscores the growing concern within the Pakistani diaspora in Australia. Prior to the election, the community raised numerous grievances concerning perceived infringements on democratic norms and human rights in Pakistan. These concerns were echoed in letters and articles to Australian government officials and political leaders, urging them to leverage their influence to address the situation.

In its official statement, Australia regretted the limitations placed on the Pakistani electorate, noting that not all political parties were afforded equal opportunities to participate in the electoral process. The Australian government reaffirmed its commitment to supporting a democratic, stable, and prosperous Pakistan that upholds fundamental principles such as human rights, media freedom, and political plurality.

The intense scrutiny of Pakistan’s elections in Australian media reflects the significant interest in Pakistan’s political landscape, particularly surrounding key figures like Imran Khan. Despite political controversies, Imran Khan enjoys considerable admiration in Australia, further amplifying public discourse on Pakistan’s electoral dynamics.

The global response to Pakistan’s elections, mirrored in Australia and other democratic nations, underscores widespread concerns regarding the integrity of the electoral process and the future governance of Pakistan. The absence of a clear majority for any single party has heightened uncertainty, raising questions about the government’s capacity to address internal challenges and engage with regional and global stakeholders.

Moving forward, Pakistan faces formidable economic challenges, including mounting debt obligations and soaring inflation rates. The incoming government will confront the urgent task of navigating these economic hurdles while fostering stability and addressing the grievances of its citizens.

In conclusion, Australia stands committed to supporting Pakistan in its democratic journey and fostering a conducive environment for peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

(The writer is a Sydney-based journalist, political analyst, writer and a commentator. He is also the editor, Tribune International Australia. His email is ).

Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Sydney-based journalist, political analyst and a commentator

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