Australian Cricketers, you are pride for us

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan

If you don’t believe, then you are a biased person. Australians have proven time and again that they are the real champion in international cricket. The professionalism, discipline, maturity, honesty, excitement and unity. Australian cricketers demonstrated their supremacy in all formats of the game. Defeated India in the Adelaide test by 36 runs and finished the 5-day test match in 2 ½ days stunned not only one-billion Indian but also cricket lovers worldwide. Australians have outclassed Indians in batting, fielding, and especially in bowling. Josh Hazlewood’s extraordinary bowling attack, equally supported by Pat Cummins and Mitchel Mitchell Starc, terrified the Indian top batting line-up including Virat Kohli.

Josh Hazelwood (Source ABC Network)

I am sure Indian cricket lovers will remember Indian defeat and Australian supremacy in cricket in decades to come. After 100% input in the game and fight at the end, the loss is always understandable and acceptable to everyone; however, the way Indian batsmen and no one reach in the second digit runs is just a shame.

If you look at the record of Indian cricket majority of the victories are in India. Batting on slow and substandard wickets and making the world’s record and claim world champion has been a tradition of Indians. Still, most of the time, they are exposed when they visit England, Australia, South Africa, and the West Indies.

The credit goes to the strong cricket structure, management, selection process, and training & coaching facilities Australia provides to the cricketers from junior to top. They don’t only produce top-level batsman or bowlers but complete professional cricketers. Well done, Australian team; you are the pride for all Australians.

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