Australia softening stance towards Middle Eastern refugees

(By Tribune Editor) – In the backdrop of pro-refugee media campaign and sympathetic public opinion the Australia Government is shifting its tough opposition to the refugee influx and signs are emerging that Government is now considering welcoming several thousand refugees.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has briefed the Cabinet during a Cabinet’s National Security Committee meeting on Tuesday night.

According to Australian media reports the proposal for accepting several thousand Syrian refugees is expected to be put forward within a day or two.

Ever since the body of a three-year old Syrian refugee boy emerged on Turkish seaside the public opinion has begun to change in Australia and even hardline politicians are now demanding the acceptance of Syrian and other refugees by Australia.

According to reports one Liberal MP even suggested that Australia should accept up to 50,000 refugees. Others are calling to welcome between 10-20 thosuands refugees from Middle East.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement that the government will act with “decency and strength” also indicated a sympathetic view on refugees.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop however, clarified that “there will be a focus on assisting those persecuted ethnic and religious minorities” who will have no home to return to when the conflict is over.

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