Australia Day Celebrations begin with welcoming new Australians

Tribune International special Australia Day coverage;

Sydney (Tribune International Report): Australia Day celebrations began today, with Australia Day citizenship ceremonies being held in each city and town across Australia.

In Sydney, Australia day functions are being organized by each council of different towns where city mayors, state ministers and parliamentarians are welcoming new Australian by awarding them citizenship certificates and honouring them with special community services awards.

Minister Citizenship and Communities, New South Wales, Hon Victor Dominello attended the citizenship ceremony function his constituency of the City of Ryde.

As the events progress today, Tribune International will be covering the activities during day.

Earlier, Hon Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, and Hon Victor Dominello, Minister Citizenship and Communities released their Australia day message to the media.

‘Modern Australia has an aboriginal heritage, a British foundation and a multicultural character’: Australia Prime Minister’s message

Tony Abbott
Hon Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia.

‘Today, across our continent families and communities will celebrate the ties that bind us, the values that sustain us and the nation that we have become. ‘

‘Modern Australia has an aboriginal heritage, a British foundation and a multicultural character.’

‘On Australia Day, we honour our ancestors who were custodian of this ancient continent, we pay tribute to our forefathers who enshrine freedom, fairness and unity in Australia’s Constitution, and we reaffirm our commitment to make Australia a beacon of hope and optimism in an uncertain world.’

‘To be an Australian is to win the lottery of life!’

‘We can’t rest on our laurels and all have a part to play in sustaining a nation that is strong and prosperous, free and fair.’

‘Today, thousands of new Australian citizens will take the pledge to live our values and join our team, following in the footsteps of our first modern migrants who arrived on 26 January 1788.’

‘This year we will commemorate the century of the Gallipoli campaign. I hope all Australians will in some way. ‘

‘We will also continue working towards completing our Constitution by recognizing the first Australians. A spirit of generous inclusion has always marked our nation at its best.’

‘Today, we celebrate the history that has made us who we are; the country that we love and the values and institutions that underpin it.’

‘I wish the readers of Tribune International a happy Australia Day!’

‘The great diversity of our people makes us a stronger nation’: Victor Dominello, Minister for Citizenship and Communities

Victor Dominello
Victor Dominello, Australian Minister for Citizenship and Communities.

‘Australia Day is a time to celebrate the things which make our nation great. It is a time for all Australians to reflect with pride on the strength of our democratic institutions, our volunteering ethos, our sense of mateship and our cultural diversity. ‘

‘Since the First Fleet arrived in 1788 we have been a nation of migrants and today Australia’s population of 23 million is made up of citizens from over 150 different cultures.’

‘The great diversity of our people makes us a stronger nation. Our outer strength is our diversity; our inner strength in our unity.’

‘Our national day means different things to different people. It is a time to recognise and reflect upon the proud culture of our nation’s First People who have lived on this land for 40,000 years.’

‘We must acknowledge the reasons why Australia Day, which marks the start of European settlement, has created unease within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. As the national debate on constitutional recognition gathers pace and we move towards a referendum, we should also consider how, if successful, the referendum date will fit within our national story.’

‘For many 26 January will be a day of excitement, as they families make their way to local Town Halls to make the solemn pledge to become citizens and join the Australian family. They may have been born abroad, but this Australia Day they commit themselves to this nation, with all that responsibilities and privileges that entails.’

‘We may cast our eyes to the Australian flag and be reminded of the contribution of those who have fought abroad and died for our freedom. During the Centenary of Anzac period, we should remember the 60,000 Australia men and women who died in combat during the First World War.’

‘We may also think of the thousands of volunteers who give their time to make their community a better place and enrich the lives of those around them. In particular we should acknowledge the brave men and women who have battled the devastating bushfires that ravaged South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia over the Christmas period. ‘

‘This Australia Day, as the world faces the many challenges, lets reflect upon the type of society we would like to leave for the next generation of Australians. How will we promote and protect the values we hold dear?’

‘We must nurture those things that make us great and we can all make a valuable contribution to our country’s prosperous future. ‘

‘I wish everyone in New South Wales a safe and happy Australia Day.’

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