Amazon’s first physical store opens in US

Retail giant unveils its first staffed centre on the Purdue University campus, with plans to open more in the US

Amazon has launched its first physical store in Purdue University US, a move which was anticipated since long from the eCommerce giant. Previously, it was widely reported that Amazon will launch its first Brick & Mortar store in Manhattan just before the Holiday season but that rumor didn’t realize.

The concept is simple yet innovative where the student can order a book and then pick it up the next day, there is no physical item for sale in the store though. According to a statement released by Paul Ryder, VP of media and student programs at Amazon: “Students can order everything from “textbooks, laptops, or mac and cheese”, and this is just the start because Amazon is planning three more locations by mid of 2015.

Paul Ryder, vice-president of media and student programmes at Amazon, said it planned to open more such centres at other universities.

Mitch Daniels, president of Purdue University, said the aim was to make books and other supplies more affordable for students. “The opening of the Amazon@Purdue location adds convenience to the mix,” he said.

The move appears to be a way of promoting Amazon Student, which gives university students the benefits of its Prime membership scheme, such as free shipping and video and music streaming for $49 (£32) a year – half the usual price.

A second location will open later this year on the Purdue campus. Amazon is inviting other educational institutions to work with it and open similar centres on their campuses.




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