Some individuals are not in favour of COVID-19 vaccination and running campaigns on social media against vaccination. Seemingly, they are more influenced by the different conspiracies going around the world against the vaccine.

As I had underlining health conditions and ongoing medications, before the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer, I received today (10/07/2021), I had discussed with my Hematologist & infectious disease professional Dr. Jennifer Curnow, I discussed with my General Practitioner, Dr. Islam, and also with my friends who are in the medical profession. All of them have already been vaccinated and advised me to get the vaccination ASAP.

Today, before the vaccination, at Blacktown Hospital, I discussed with the doctor available there and showed him my medical history and medications I am taking and his response was the same as my doctors and medical experts.

Furthermore, the majority of my family members & relatives in Pakistan, the USA, Canada, and the Middle East have received the vaccination and they are fine. Around the world, millions of people have already been vaccinated and being received every day.

Please note, it is not a treatment of Coronavirus, it is a vaccination for prevention, therefore, there is no guarantee once you receive the vaccine you will never catch the virus and its variants, yet the precautionary measure will still be required. What do I understand; COVID-19 vaccine boosts up your immune system and blocks the Coronavirus in your body.

I believe those who are still against vaccination like the Taliban against Polio vaccination in the Northern part of Pakistan and Afghanistan, one day these people will realize to have it for their family members. I believe, having a vaccine is not against Islam as long as there is no non-Halal component in it. The top muftis around the world have already advised being vaccinated as it is not Haram.

Australian Government has offered the best facilities for vaccination to the citizens. It took me 30 minutes to get the vaccine at the Blacktown Priority Clinic, Blacktown Hospital (NSW). The Commonwealth and States governments are working days & nights to roll out vaccination, as soon as possible. Millions of dollars are being spent on the vaccination program for Australians. Therefore, instead of arguing and creating doubts about vaccination on social media, we should behave like loyal and responsible citizens, book themselves for vaccination without any further delay. This will make their’s and everyone’s life safe from the pandemic. (Syed Atiq ul Hassan, Editor, Tribune International).


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