We the People of Pakistan, stand by General Raheel Sharif

By Saeed Qureshi – The PPP and the MQM are vigorously opposing the operation clean-up now underway in Karachi by the army because their top notches are in the eye of the storm. To hell with a democratic system that spawns and sustains corruption and terrorism and that is what these two parties have been doing in the largest metropolis of Pakistan.
The religious hooligans and casual street thugs apart, those nabbed both for Himalayan size corruption, Mega plunder of national assets and sharp shooters and terrorists belong to these two political parties. The stalwarts of these parties demand wrap-up of the operations of Rangers and Military and let the provincial government and institutions do that job of catching and sentencing the enemies of people. There cannot be a more ridiculous and untenable call than this.
The entire country and specifically Karachi has been plagued by an incessant wave and epidemic of lawlessness for several years. The criminals of all shades have been brazenly killing the people for money, land, cars, and other belongings. The entire business community has been at the mercy of the extortionists. Those who refused to oblige the bounty hunters were targeted, killed or kidnapped.
The entire Karachi has been paralyzed for several years and people would come out with fear in their eyes if they would be kidnapped or killed. Karachi has been virtually ruled by the mafias and cartels of outlaws while the state machinery both provincial and federal viewed this entire gory phenomenon with utter helplessness or indifference and rather connivance.
But the most sickening dimensions of this unbridled disorder and rampant lawlessness was that behind this mayhem were mostly the ministers and highly placed bureaucrats and government functionaries. The booty thus collected by the criminal gangs would be shared with the ministers and powerful high ranking executives.
The outburst of Zardari first against the army and lately against Nawaz Sharif and PMLN government uncovers the agony the acting Co-chairman of the PPP is undergoing. Earlier it was Altaf Hussain the warlord of MQM who threw the same challenge to the army and the central government. One of the poignant manifestations of their protest was to withdraw their national assembly members through en-bloc resignations.
It is tragic and treacherous that the partners running provincial government in Sindh, instead of serving the people have been engaged in treacherous and diabolic pursuits to wreck Karachi and to rob the people of peace. The involvement of their ministers and members of parties has been unearthed in sale of the water to selling of state lands for peanuts to their business partners.
It is a mercy of the divine powers that first the Rangers and later the army stepped in to stop this mayhem of loot, plunder, murders and kidnappings. Karachi is gradually returning to normalcy and peaceful life. The people are picking up the courage to move around with a feeling of safety.
In due course Zardari and Altaf Hussain should be arraigned for their respective anti-state ranting and crimes. Altaf Hussain should be tried for seeking Indian and NATO to what he called saving the MQM and migrated community. Zardari has amassed mammoth wealth throughout his career by foul means which needs thorough and unstinting probe.
It is heartwarming that NAB and other institutions of accountability are on the move to catch the heavy-eight culprits like Dr. Asim Hussain. This anti-crime drive must continue till all the robber barons of national wealth and culprits of misuse of power for personal or party gains are unearthed.
And the moot question of this article is that how and who performed this miracle. We all know it is the Army Chief General Raheel Sharif who turned the tables on miscreants, thugs, killers, abductors, enemy agents and a whole range of dangerous mafias and terrifying gangs. He and the army under him have saved Pakistan from being broken and disintegrated. They deserve nation’s overwhelming gratitude
The Pakistan army is engaged in a monumental mission of saving Pakistan from a civil war and keeping intact its territorial unity. Therefore we the people of Pakistan are wholeheartedly with General Raheel Sharif in his sublime mission to fully secure our beloved country Pakistan from the conspiracies and encroachments of both internal and external enemies.
The writer is a senior journalist, former editor of Diplomatic Times and a former diplomat.This and other articles by the writer can also be read at his blog www.uprightopinion.com.


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