Uniting Community through social events

By Rabia Rasul (13 years old Pakistani Australian Girl from Sydney)

14th of August is an independence day of Pakistan. Pakistanis in Pakistan and wherever they live they celebrate the day with passion and commitments. This year, some members of the Pakistani community came out with the idea to have a social gathering by watching Bin Roye a Pakistani movie which came out in cinemasRabia Rasul on the same (14th of August 2015). I am happy to say that I was part of that community.

Bin Roye’s literal meaning in English is “Without crying” after watching this movie do I think that was a suitable title, honestly I have no clue, did I like the movie? It could’ve been better, did I enjoy the night definitely and I’m sure many of the people there would agree. What was the point of this night? Your probably thinking that’s an easy question, the point of this night was to a watch movie, Wrong! My mum, Naaz Rasul organized this night it started as a thought, became an idea and progressed on from there. It was a house full event and around 240 people descended down to Castle hills events cinemas for the event. The original thought was to do something to unite the Pakistani community and to show our kids and future generations whilst we live here in Australia and integrate with people we can still maintain our culture.

The point of this night wasn’t just to watch a Pakistani movie but to come together and unite as one to show our future generations that these are the types of the things we need to do to maintain our culture, the basis of our living, the reason we still have an identity. This shows that we can come from all over Sydney to unite for one cause to teach and help our children and the future generations that this is what surviving is, surviving life in the west without losing your culture.

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