‘THE USI-REFORM’: Humanity is facing a culminating perfect storm of exponentiating Socio-Economy-Environment

Paul Ross founder The Citizens’ Dividend Organisation (CDO) Australia

Humanity is facing a culminating perfect storm of exponentiating Socio-Econo-Enviro[international/natural] (SEE-in) catastrophes including, regarding:

  1. The Socio-: poverty, homelessness, mental-illness, escapism (such as alcohol & other drug abuse and suicide), domestic-violence etc.

    Hypothesis – Humanity’s calamities stem from a single-system-omission – Image credit, NASA and WMAP science team
  2. The Econo-: the inefficiency of not ‘exclusively producing and delivering the goods & services we need/desire’
  3. The Enviro-:
    • International: conflict with Authoritarians such as Xi and Putin
    • Natural: ecosystem destruction, species extinction, human population growth, plastic, climate change, etc.

SEE-in outcomes are systemically influenced by Science, Human-Organisation & Technology (SHOT).


Hypothesis: Our SEE-in catastrophes are due to violations of ‘Coopetition’, which is defined as ‘Cooperation first & foremost and Competition the treasured second’.  [In sport, Coopetition consists of Cooperation via agreement on the rules, playing-field, umpires and, broader, ‘spirit of the game’ understandings then, within this context, up to all-out Competition.]

Vision: Nations that are ‘universal sustainable SEE-in stability-prosperity optimised’.

Mission: ‘Coopetition’ – Government that infrastructural citizen ‘Coopetition-contributively self-actualisation maximisation’.

Regarding human-rights, Coopetes encompasses its full-spectrum and full-magnitude – i.e. it systematises universal empowerment (including minority rights and women’s rights) infinitely more effectively than any stand-alone law or set of laws including a Bill of Rights.

Coopetism is characterised via ‘Universal Rule of Coopetition-maximising Law’, which includes, as an Industrial Revolution inheritance, 5 ‘universal, unconditional & guaranteed’ RIDEH cornerstones:

  1. [R] Universal Rule of Personal & Property Security Law – [In Australia] comparatively robust
  2. [I] Universal Subsistence Income (USI) – no, not yet
  3. [D] Universal (including compulsory-voting) Liberal Democracy – robust
  4. [E] Universal Education – robust
  5. [H] Universal Healthcare – robust.

[Note: In place of The USI, we have 2 inefficient proxies of Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) and (targeted) income-Welfare yet a ‘targeted, conditional & non-guaranteed’ Subsistence-Income violates Coopetition because it is not ‘Cooperation first & foremost’; hence, our perfect SEE-in storm.]

RIDEH empowers, inspires and energizes citizens such that the correlation between citizen benefit and their contribution to the nation is maximised – i.e. there is citizen ‘Coopetition-contributive self-actualisation maximisation’.

Regarding the current USI-omission, this means there is Subsistence-Income-Servitude (SIS), which detracts from each of the other cornerstones – for ex., poverty reduces children’s capacity to absorb Education.

Thus, regarding The Universal Subsistence Income (USI):

It’s not that it is the solution;

It’s that its omission is the problem.

The USI is pitched at:

  1. $20,000 per year for all non-incarcerated in-country adult-citizens below 67
  2. $5,000 per year for all child-citizens [to their guardian/s]
  3. $25,000 per year for all citizens over 67.

[Note: Disabled-citizens also receive a ‘top-up’ from the Health budget, which, because it is less The USI, has reduced application requirements.]

We require ‘The USI-Reform’, which trades-up to a single efficient Socio- infrastructure via replacing 2 inefficient systems – i.e. The USI is substituted for both:

  1. The income-Welfare system (a Socio- Band-Aid)
  2. The Universal Minimum Hourly Wages (UMHoW) system (a suboptimal Econo- infrastructure).

The USI-Reform’s advantages span:

  1. Reharmonising all our SEE-in objectives – i.e. it appears devoid of negative consequences
  2. Counterintuitively, delivering perpetual government surpluses (and/or tax-decreases).

Regarding the Socio- and the Econo-, The USI-Reform is a PUSCHER-eradicator – i.e. it eradicates Poverty, Unemployment (and Underemployment), Stigma (‘the dole-bludger’ narrative including its racist and disablist variants as everyone receives The USI), Corruption (particularly, in the Developing World), Harassment (‘mutual obligations’), paid-worker-Exploitation (i.e. citizens can say, ‘no’) & excessive workplace-Regulation (PUSCHER).

Regarding Unemployment/Underemployment, as per the economic definition of ‘those who want paid-work at the going-wage but cannot obtain paid-work’, it is unnatural; however, due to our UMHoW system, which, though failing to eradicate Poverty, prohibits people supplying their labour below the UMHoW rate, Un/der/employment exists.

Comparing The USI-Reform with our current 2-pronged system, while a full-time paid-worker on the UMHoW rate has an income around $37,000 after tax, with The USI-Reform, their income will equal The USI + their salary – i.e. it will be around $57,000.  Plus:

  1. Their partner and adult children will receive The USI
  2. Due to the associated business boom and universal Subsistence-Income-Servitude emancipation, their salary will be bid-up.

Moreover, The USI-Reform is a universal empowerer – i.e.:

  1. Economic-alienation is bridged, which will shut ‘the Gap’
  2. The USI’s mobility assists women escaping domestic violence
  3. No Poverty, no Unemployment & no alienation fractionalises mental-illness [The Productivity Commission states it costs over $200 billion per year].

Meanwhile, The USI-Reform transforms the economy from a ‘Squandonomy’ into a ‘Coopetonomy’ – i.e.:

  1. Full-Employment means there’s no need for jobs-for-jobs’-sake paid-work or ‘Jobs-Jobs-Jobs’ (Triple-J) politics, which means the economy returns to ‘exclusively efficiently empoweringly producing and distributing the goods & services citizens need/desire’
  2. There is substantial labour-market deregulation, which will particularly promote manufacturing and assist our international competitiveness
  3. There is no longer the gain-paid-work-lose-income-Welfare distortion, which, among other things, means farmers will find seasonal-workers
  4. SHOT innovations are fully taken advantage of and its compounding maximised
  5. There are downward pressures on tax.

Regarding the international-Enviro-, The USI-Reform will not only maximise our strength, it will undermine Authoritarians as their citizens demand our optimised model for themselves.  Also, it may demonstrate a way forward for the USA such as to prevent it becoming a failed state.

Regarding the natural-Enviro-, with Subsistence-Income-Servitude (SIS) abolished, citizens may choose to prioritise the natural-Enviro- plus, with Full-Employment, arguments such as ‘coal-mining creates jobs’ are transcended.  Also, once the model is demonstrably successful, the Developing world may adopt it, which would halt population growth as adults no longer need many children for captive cheap labour and an old-age pension.  Thus:

Without The USI;

It’s impossible to Save the Environment.

Lastly, this all culminates in government budget depressurisation as:

  1. Tax revenues surge due to increased efficiencies including business unleashed
  2. Government expenditure plummets because, in addition to replacing most of our present income-Welfare system (about 45% of The USI transfer), there are vast savings in charity (i.e. as mentioned, no Poverty, no Unemployment & no economic-alienation), law-enforcement (i.e. Universal Empowerment), health (including mental-health), bureaucracy (among other things, Centrelink will be closed), natural-environment rehabilitation and, as also mentioned, the end to jobs-for-jobs’-sake paid-work.

Accordingly, The USI-Reform is a candidate for bipartisanship – i.e. it delivers total benefit yet enables the financing of still more benefit.


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