Sydney Metro industry briefing draws hundreds of international experts

More than 460 industry representatives from Australian and international firms attended Sudney Metro project industry briefing, which detailed plans for Sydney Metro and the process for industry to contribute to the project – and take part in its delivery.

Industry representatives from the transport, construction and property companies based in countries including the UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, China, Austria and France attended the briefing, which outlined the scope of the works.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure welcomed hundreds of rail industry experts from across Australia and around the world to an industry briefing on Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro project.

“Sydney Metro Northwest, Stage 1 of Sydney Metro, is well and truly underway and the NSW Government is now getting ready to deliver Stage 2 – Sydney Metro City & Southwest,” Mr Constance said.

From the end of Stage 1 at Chatswood, the new metro rail network will continue under Sydney Harbour, through new stations in the CBD and west to Bankstown.

“Sydney Metro City & Southwest is an iconic project, with city-shaping implications,” Mr Constance said.

“We’ve shown we can work together to deliver Stage 1 of our city’s new metro rail network – now it’s time to hear industry’s views on how to deliver Stage 2 as quickly as possible, bringing with it brand new metro rail services for thousands more Sydney customers.

“Sydney Metro is a once in a generation public transport project, and we will ensure the very best build it,” Mr Constance said.

“Industry can have certainty that this project will be built, as Sydney Metro Northwest speaks for itself.

“If this Government says it will build something – we build it. We’re already halfway through Sydney Metro Northwest, with more than 13km of tunnelling already complete on Australia’s longest ever railway tunnels.”

When operational, Sydney Metro will ultimately have the capacity to operate trains through the CBD every two minutes in each direction with 98 per cent on-time running.

Transport minister Andrew Constance says new Sydney Metro train line a ‘massive city shaping project’

New residential and commercial buildings are likely to be constructed as part of Sydney’s latest rail project, a mammoth underground train link carving under the lower north shore and inner city Sydney.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance briefed hundreds of industry executives on Tuesday morning about the $10 billion-plus project, which the government recently dubbed “Sydney Metro”.

“This massive city shaping project will be the new spine of our city’s public transport system and will serve us for generations to come with room to grow,” Mr Constance said.

“Can I also flag as the incoming Infrastructure and Transport Minister my keenness to see this project be delivered at a pace unmatched in Australian infrastructure history,” he said.

“We are keen for this project to happen at lightning speed, and that’s the challenge that I’ve laid down to the team at Transport for NSW and in particular Rodd Staples,” the minister said of the public servant responsible for delivering the new rail link.

Two options for the second harbour rail crossing, with stations at either Sydney University or Waterloo.
Two options for the second harbour rail crossing, with stations at either Sydney University or Waterloo.

Sydney Metro – Australia’s largest public transport project

Sydney Metro is the new customer-friendly name for Australia’s largest public transport project, delivering more trains and faster services across all of Sydney.

Sydney Metro is a new stand alone railway network that will revolutionise the way Sydney travels.

Around the world, metro train systems are defined as high-frequency train services which operate on their own line.

Sydney Metro has been given its new name following ongoing community and stakeholder feedback since the concept of Sydney Rapid Transit was announced a year ago.

Our future customers told us they want a simple name – just like London has the Tube, and Paris and Dubai have the Metro.

Customer feedback has made it very clear that people want to speak about the end product they will use.

Sydney Metro has two core components:

  • Sydney Metro Northwest – formerly the 36km North West Rail Link. This project is now under construction and will open in the first half of 2019 with a metro train every four minutes in the peak
  • Sydney Metro City & Southwest – a new 30km metro line linking with Metro Northwest at Chatswood, and then under Sydney Harbour, through the CBD and south west to Bankstown. It is due to open in 2024 with the capacity to run a metro train every two minutes each way under the centre of Sydney.

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