Same-Sex Marriage: Was it the issue for all Australians?

By Syed Atiq ul Hassan
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The believers and the non-believers commonly agree on one thing that ever since the creation of mankind on this planet, men and women have been living in pairs; that is, a man and a woman. They live as husband and wife, produce children and that is the reason this planet today has a population of over 6 billion. There are the ones who believe in God and then the ones who don’t commonly believe that men and women have different physical and mental abilities.

Men cannot deliver babies and women cannot produce babies without men. The same system applies to every creature of this planet from many kilometres under the sea to thousands of feet above on the mountains and on remote islands thousands of miles away. Yet, science has not yet been able to produce a baby from two males or two females. Constitutions and laws are made by human beings to maintain a system to protect the natural biological process of production of human beings from one generation to another. The love and affection between a male and a female is a true magnetism between them that makes them live together, produce and raise their next generation. Parents – mother and father – play distinct roles in the lives of their children. The role of a mother cannot be replaced by the role of a father and vice versa.

There is no dispute in any society of this world that ever since the existence of human beings on this planet, marriage has always been defined as an act of binding and living together as a couple – a man and a woman. Even before human beings started to live under any constitutional system, they were living in pairs as couples – a male and a female. Even those who proclaim themselves gay and lesbian are born from a male and female pair/couple.

When unnatural acts and behaviours in the name of freedom and fairness are legalised, then that will be the beginning of accepting immoralities and evilness of a society in the name of liberty and equality. Legalising same-sex marriage will be the start of more terrible acts and behaviours of the people to be accepted as legal.

The unnatural and immoral social behaviour of the people will lead to terrible domestic and social issues in the society. There may be serval examples, but let’s have one here. If a male-married-couple adopts a baby girl as their child, then how can they raise that girl by fulfilling all her natural requirements as a female if they cannot understand and look after her basic feminine needs as a girl? There is obvious risk of ignorance, negligence and even physical abuse to that girl. A baby needs a real mother not an adopted and pretended male as a mother. Similarly, a baby needs a father, not an adopted and pretended female as a father, and it is no rocket science to understand this natural phenomenon for all of us as human beings. This has been a universal fact of all societies and civilisations as much as one can think that man and woman get married, and when they produce children, man becomes the father and the woman becomes the mother of their child. Their relations create a family where the man and the woman play their distinct roles, being a male and a female. A man cannot perform the role of a wife or a mother and deliver responsibilities as wife or mother as nature demands; similarly, a woman cannot perform the role of a husband or a father and deliver responsibilities as husband or father as nature demands.

If anyone claims to be a gay or a lesbian, then apparently there may be two reasons for them to be a gay or lesbian; a natural deficiency or their own choice to be a gay or a lesbian. If two gays or two lesbians want to live together and call themselves as couple, good luck to them, but that has nothing to do with others as long as they don’t disturb and create social or immoral issues in the society. But why should society accept them as legally married couple just because they want this unnatural relation against the nature of mankind since its existence on this planet.

The legal meaning and act of marriage is based on a universal behaviour of females and males. A male with another male or female with another female cannot have the same physical and mental relations as a female and a male have, and that is why a marriage from the beginning of mankind was naturally acknowledged as a marriage between a man and a woman. If our society started to allow unnatural behaviour of our fellow human beings as a legal act, then there will be more to come from them which will create terrible and serious social and domestic issues.

If a society accepts same-sex marriage, it is going to be an act of real unfairness to a genuine and natural marriage – a female being the wife and a male being the husband. A civilised society cannot afford to accept unnatural social behaviours and relationships of fellow human beings and legalise them just because otherwise they will blame the society for being discriminated against.

Recently, a national referendum was conducted by the government in order to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia. Firstly, this survey should not have conducted, and the reason is that individual issues of the society should be discussed in the parliament that is why parliament is for. Secondly, is it even acceptable to think of making new laws on the matters based on unnatural social behaviour of human beings, even if that act or behaviour is receiving more popularity due to some obvious reasons of a society. It has been seen that the children ignored by their parents leave home, and are then physically abused by people in exchange for shelter and jobs. When these ignored children become adults, they begin to hate their parents, live with another male if they are males or with a female if they females, eventually proclaiming themselves as gays or lesbians. Therefore, the leaders of the society must look for and find the cure for the basic disease of the society rather than legalise the diseases.

Anyways, analysing the results of the survey, where in all the states, on average 20 to 25 percent Australians did not take part in this referendum on same-sex marriage; presumably, for them it was just a waste of time and they were not interested in the phenomenon of gays and lesbians. Therefore, it is fair to say that these 20 to 25 percent Australians are not in the favour of same-sex marriage. Among those who took part in the referendum, between 35 to 40 percent voted against the proposed same-sex marriage. Therefore, if my math is correct, out of the total population of Australia, on average only 50 percent or less were in favour of same-sex marriage. Therefore, will it be fair to change the fundamental meaning of marriage because the other 50 percent are in favour of doing so.

The people who favour same-sex marriage argue that gays and lesbians should not be discriminated against and should be given equal rights. I totally agree with them that these fellow human beings should not be discriminated against and should be given equal rights in all walks of life. However, the issue of same-sex marriage has nothing to do with discrimination. Same-sex marriage has always been disallowed by mankind of different civilisations and considered as unnatural, immoral and unethical anti-social behaviour by individuals since the existence of the human beings.

Unfortunately, when a society is facing a serious decline in family values, an increase in broken relationships, physical abuse and social crimes, these kinds of demands become stronger in the name of discrimination and unfairness.

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