Supporters Rally for Imran Khan and Against Government Oppression

Sydney (Tribune International Report, August 13, 2023); A massive demonstration took place, today,  organized by Tehreek-e-Insaf Sydney at the iconic Sydney Town Hall. The protest was aimed at condemning the false cases and imprisonments targeting Imran Khan and numerous Tehreek-e-Insaf activists in Pakistan. Participants from Sydney and its surrounding areas, along with their families, united to voice their concerns at this significant event.

PTI Protest at Sydney Town Hall
PTI Protest at Sydney Town Hall

The rally garnered significant attention due to its diverse attendance, including a remarkable number of youth and women who passionately advocated for Imran Khan and condemned the ongoing oppression and brutality by the government and state forces in Pakistan. The atmosphere resonated with loud slogans denouncing the fabricated charges against Khan and other PTI leaders.

The demonstration was marked by a sea of PTI flags and Imran Khan banners, held aloft by children, youth, and women who were passionately united in their cause. Notable community leaders, journalists, and prominent personalities from the Pakistani community in Sydney lent their support to the event.

During the rally, spokespersons of Tehreek-e-Insaf passionately voiced their solidarity with Imran Khan and expressed their outrage against the continuing persecution and baseless allegations by the Pakistani government and establishment. The protest was hosted by Tehreek-e-Insaf New South Wales President, Mr. Khurram Shahzad, who introduced and invited each speaker individually.

The speakers addressed the multitude, condemning the ongoing atrocities against Imran Khan, PTI activists, and innocent citizens in Pakistan. They decried the corrupt practices of the ruling regime and demanded the immediate release of Khan and thousands of PTI workers held in custody under dubious charges. The ending statement was delivered by Mr. Khalid Sahora, General Secretary, PTI NSW.

Among the notable speakers were PTI New South Wales President Khurram Shahzad, Senior President Raja Aslam, Naeemul Haque, Maha Khan, and numerous dedicated young activists. The speakers articulated the dire human rights situation in Pakistan, where innocent citizens are subjected to arbitrary arrests, torture, and imprisonment under false and baseless charges.

Senior journalist and community spokesman, Syed Atiqul Hasan, addressed the crowd in English, urging Australian and international human rights organizations to intervene against the oppressive Pakistani government. He called upon Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Penny Wong, and senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use their influence to curb the Pakistani government’s totalitarian practices.

Mr. Hassan said in his statements:

“Today, we stand united not only as Pakistanis within our homeland but as a global community that condemns the heinous actions of the most heartless and oppressive elements within the present Pakistani government and establishment. The echoes of our protest resonate not just within Pakistani borders, but around the world, where common citizens and political activists are brutalized by the atrocities being committed by the establishment.

The Pakistani establishment, along with its agencies, has tragically transformed our beloved nation into a fortress of oppression and a cantonment colony.

Pakistani government and the establishment, who should be the custodians of citizens’ rights, are committing horrifying human rights abuses.

The lives of our youth, our women, and our elders are abandoned to a carnage. They are abducted and imprisoned under fake charges and isolated to inhuman conditions.

These authoritarian figures, blinded by their lust for power, have taken to concocting false charges of treason against those who dare to speak out for justice and freedom.

The protestors who demand nothing more than their fundamental rights are branded as criminals, and subjected to sham trials that mock the very essence of justice.

An internationally known, Imran Khan, leader of the popular PTI party and the democratically elected Prime Minister, has been accused of more than 200 fictitious charges including fraud, terrorism, and treason. Imran Khan is at present behind bars and at the risk of being murdered.

The world knows Imran Khan as a beacon of honesty, striving to elevate the Pakistani nation to new heights.

It pains me to report that Pakistanis living abroad, including those residing in Australia, are living under the shadow of fear. Threatening calls from anonymous sources in Pakistan haunt them, warning them of imprisonment should they return to Pakistan.

I beseech every representative and organization within the Pakistani community to stand strong and united in boycotting Pakistani diplomats.

Let them know that their actions, or lack thereof, are not in line with the values we hold here.

On behalf of the Pakistani community, I appeal to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Foreign Minister Penny Wong, and all defenders of human rights, to exert your influence and compel the Pakistani regime to halt its barbaric human rights violations. The innocent citizens who have been subjected to torture, who have been unjustly imprisoned under fabricated charges, deserve their freedom without further delay. Unfortunately, the sands of time are running out, and human rights watchdogs are watching the atrocities in Pakistan.”

Poet and writer Hameed Khawaja captivated the audience with his revolutionary poetry, striking a chord with the attendees. Active community women Surraya Hasan, Rukhshanda Zaman, and Maha Khan electrified the crowd with their passionate protest slogans. The protest’s visual highlight was the vibrant display of PTI flags, banners, and larger-than-life images of Imran Khan, enthusiastically waved by women, youth, and children.

In addition to the numerous Pakistanis who converged at Sydney Town Hall, passersby on the streets showed their solidarity with Imran Khan, expressing their support and voicing their objections to his unjust imprisonment on fabricated charges. This display of unity underscored the profound impact of the protest and the resonance of its message.


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